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Congratulations Devs. You made Killer into a depressing experience

Broken matchmaking; getting matched with SWF Red ranked survivors every match. Hilariously fast gen times; gens get done to dang fast without a slow down perk, old ruin worked with every killer, Pop is only most useful with map pressure and high mobility Killers. Corrupt maybe the next old ruin just to get an early game advantage, it’s not wildly used yet.

How long before the devs nerf all the slow down perks and not bother with either increasing gen times or rework toolboxes to balance it out. Or add a secondary objective just something to prevent all the gens from being done in the early to mid game in like 3 to 5 minutes!

Dedicated servers still brings about issues like grabs not registering or hit box issues like somehow not hitting a vaulting survivor when your easily in swing range.

In most cases I have to play high tier killers in order to pip even out of green ranks. I’m in purple ranks now but before I was about to get into red rank killer, playing high rank killers and using old ruin to make sure I get a decently long game as a mid or low tier killer.

Now I just want to play Doc but playing him now in most games I went up against SWF’s and red ranks constantly in like green ranks. Devs if your going nerf/rework a meta perk it least look into why people use it, like ruin can be used by all killers to slow the game down and get an early advantage but without it; game starts all four survivors start near gens. Killer finds one survivor takes about 40 seconds to down the survivor and 5 to 10 seconds to get to a hook. By then 3 gens will be completed literally right in the early game.

Devs since you reworked ruin, it least look into either increasing gen times a little bit or rework tool boxes, cuz right now I think most people agree that gen times go a little to fast. For the record I play both sides, as a solo survivor even though it can be almost as stressful and frustrating as Killer gens still get done rather fast anyways by then in most situations leads the killer camping the last hook in the endgame which I don’t blame them.


  • RivynRivyn Member Posts: 1,449

    We're looking six to eight weeks, minimum, before the next chapter, and thus, any changes.

  • UwUMyersUwUUwUMyersUwU Member Posts: 114

    I haven't had much issue. I normally play ghostface, piggy, bubba, and Freddy and I'm still chilling at rank 5-3. Just adjust, and stop crying. It's not that bad, pressure can be made. Don't stress out over a gen popping in the first chase, or even two. Just get that snowball. And you can't win them all, so if you loose, shrug it off, try again.

  • Eye66Eye66 Member Posts: 752

    Welcome to normalcy, I didn't use ruin much before but it was good to have as a backup. Now every match has been much worse because they don't have to consider it. New ruin is so bad it's hilarious

  • The_Grim_Reaper99The_Grim_Reaper99 Member Posts: 25

    Man everyone here is acting like an a** and just hit me up with the usual “git gud”. I am aware that not all matches can be won, yes I know that but all I want is a decently timed match, so I can make the most of it. You say that I have to apply pressure but that varies on so many levels; going against competent survivors, they can always find a work around. If I see two survivors on a gen of course I’m going to go for them so that it shaves some time off. Another is the maps themselves, small maps are a easier time, medium maps are well balanced, and large maps end up being the real issue. Survivors completing 1 or 2 gens at the start of the game already leaves you to make as little mistakes as possible to it least pip once or safety pip. Make one simple mistake and it could cost the killer the whole game; I seen it happen time and time again and doing the math. But whatever I guess, never seen a more toxic community than left 4 dead.

  • Some_Dood64Some_Dood64 Member Posts: 82

    At this point, DBD may as well be a NERF commercial.

    It's Spirit, Oni, Billy, or nothin'.

  • InfckingcredibleInfckingcredible Member Posts: 141

    And maybe even increase the amount of totems or find a tool first which allows to break it

  • Hex_ToasterBathHex_ToasterBath Member Posts: 38

    We need to start playing the survivors at their own game, complaining until we get what we want. We need to stop being the silent majority and be the loud majority. We need to spam the devs, the forums, and the YouTube page and since it works for the survivors, they might listen.

  • MikeasaurusMikeasaurus Member Posts: 1,071

    Pretty sure most killers have done this, and in a way less entitled way than Survivors have, but we still get the screw end of the stick. Survivors seem to get easy wins every patch, but Killers are being made to lower themselves to camping just to even get a single kill. I've personally never used Ruin, I always felt it was a waste of a slot, but going against killers now with the new Ruin has made matches too easy. I actually feel bad for anyone who takes Ruin into a match now. The Devs seriously can't pretend they don't see how much survivors are winning overall now.

  • avilmaskavilmask Member Posts: 591

    Forum was spammed with threads that nurse basekit change was stupid and nothing happened. Gen speed complains was around for FOREVER. So meh.

  • AdelooAdeloo Member Posts: 357

    Well yeah, i'm still playing killer, and gens are done super fast but i guess it's a good thing.

    Devs might take a look at SWF soon :)

  • Umbrae_pkUmbrae_pk Member Posts: 476

    No. No, no, no. Stop. Survivors have their arms and hands and that’s all they need, after all.

  • CarlosyluCarlosylu Member Posts: 2,326
    edited January 23

    I don't agree for both sides, rank 1 killer and rank 2 survivor here. As killer, specific killers need buffs, specific maps need reworks and we need a new pipping sistem, any other complain, yes, get good... As survivor, any complains is just BS, everything is counterable, want an easy game? New Yamaoka, Rottenfields or Coldwind, want a hard game? The game, Hawkins or new Lery. Want an average sided game? Any other map aside from the ones I just mentioned

  • thrawn3054thrawn3054 Member Posts: 2,202

    Who the hell told you that? Whoever it was, they're an idiot.

    While I agree with the sentiment about shrugging off the lose. Alot of killers need that extra time to learn. You can't get better at fighting loops, mind games, ect if you don't get enough time in game.

    I actually believe that people need to apply pressure. I think that alot of killers blame the game for their own short comings as a killer. That said, something has to give. Either shrinking some of the larger maps, a second objective, or something to help. Because as it stands things have been pushed too far towards the survivors.

    Most games killers are camping/tunneling off the hook. Survivors are being forced to be sweaty just to have a chance to survive. Then killers are forced to be even more sweaty to try to secure any kills. Both sides are feeding off each in a bad way right now.

    Except hardly anyone asked for a Ruin nerf. Hell most survivors opposed it. Stop blaming every poor choice the devs make on survivors.

  • Supr3_AngelSupr3_Angel Member Posts: 22

    Totally agree with you, killers are in a really disadvantage against survivors right now...

  • StuMacherStuMacher Member Posts: 51

    It's a 1 vs 4 game. Killer literally cannot be the majority lol.

    But yeah I agree, new ruin is a solid late game perk.

  • Sushiman38Sushiman38 Member Posts: 1

    Aight I have a plan on what you can do. Just think how you play when you're a survivor (because playing both sides is how you make the game fun you troglodytes). If you lose someone look behind a rock or a tree 5 feet away. It's really not hard. I play wraith and I am quite literally undefeated as killer.

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