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The definition of tunneling and why ds should deactivate if the killer doesnt rly tunnel

So i just saw a discussion where people were people discussed a possible nerf or balance for DS.

So DS is supposed to be a anti tunnel perk. The perk idea itself is pretty good but the 60 second timer makes it possible for DS being used even if the survivor didnt get tunneled.

So in the discussion one person sayed that its still tunneling even if u hooked another survivor inbetween if u chase them before they "get to a save spot".

To be honest i think this is BS.

My definition of tunneling is:

The killer just chases one survivor. if the survivor gets unhooked he goes for the unhooked survivor instantly to down and hook him again. Correct?

Thats what ds is for and the perk is kinda needed to avoid the killer from getting rid of a player within a minute.

So if this is the definitition op tunneling (which i think it is, since its not possible to tunnel multiple survivor)

is correct shouldnt DS deactivate if either the 60 seconds run out or another survivor is hooked.

In its current state DS is not only an anti tunnel perk its bascialy 60 seconds immunity and if u play unbreakable (which i do when playing DS. yes i also use ds because i also dont like to get tunneld) u are literaly untouchable or u hop in a locker.

I had matches were the killer picked me up because he hooked someone else and i stll dsd him. i kinda felt ######### but thats how the perk works.

Thats why i think it should deactivate if the killer hooks another survivor.

Opinions??? ( I dont want a what is tunneling discussion since i think thats pretty clear. And i dont accept a totaly biased "tunneling is if the killer hooks u twice in the same match" definition.)


  • LetsPlayTogetherLetsPlayTogether Member Posts: 2,117

    Stop this nonsense about immunity. There is no such thing as immunity. And yes it is still tunneling if he just hooks the savior five seconds after his save and then proceeds to hunt you down.

  • WaffleyumboyWaffleyumboy Member Posts: 7,318

    Do I have to post my DS idea again? I will remind you that slugging exists.

  • DetailedDetrimentDetailedDetriment Member Posts: 2,632

    Killers could just abuse DS more then. They down you and the saviour, hook the saviour, hook you.

  • ZoneDymoZoneDymo Member Posts: 1,946

    Its not, that makes no sense, UNLESS they suddenly chase the original unhooked down with a sole focus, ignoring everyone else.

    I agree with what Otz said about DS though, it should De-activate should the survivor that has it do anything other then moving or healing themselves/being healed.

  • RipleHHH89RipleHHH89 Member Posts: 86

    People need to get over tunneling. Especially with how fast games are now. Tunneling is a legit way to play and survivors can counter it by having good teammates and knowing how to make a chase long, getting good at loops and evasion etc. Nothing wrong with tunneling just like there's nothing wrong with gen rushing.

  • TarveshTarvesh Member Posts: 765

    OP is correct. If the killer took the time to down someone else and hook them, DS should deactivate since you weren't tunneled.

    It should also deactivate if you do anything other move or heal.

    Get on a gen? You clearly feel like you're safe enough away from the killer to do this so you no longer need the protection/immunity that DS gives you.

    Hop in a locker? You obviously feel like hiding will help you avoid the killer so you don't need the protection/immunity DS gives you.

    Search a chest? You seem to think you're a safe enough distance away that the killer won't find you and interrupt you so you don't need the protection/immunity that DS gives you.

    Allowing it to stay as it is punishes killlers who don't tunnel and simply kill efficiently, and rewards survivors for doing literally nothing but getting hooked and getting outplayed after the hook.

  • ppo8820ppo8820 Member Posts: 763

    Any killer who finds ds to be annoying or a big deal is 100% a camper and tunneler. It’s one of the most basic perks and is nearly pointless unless the killer is tunneling people off the hook. If you weren’t Tunneling, ds wouldn’t be an issue.

  • DCh4rlieDCh4rlie Member Posts: 62
    edited January 2020

    How about this:

    DS expires once a different survivor is hooked and when one is not slugged.

    However, DS timer is paused once slugged. This mechanic trumps the DS expiration mentioned above.

    DS expires once getting out of dying state again, either by teamm8s or perks (e.g. umbreakable).

  • csandman1977csandman1977 Member Posts: 2,310

    So person with ds gets unhooked and purposely runs towards a killer to do whatever, the killer is tunneling?

    Ds is a needed perk, but like anything can be abused. I think that it needs looked at.

  • AcromioAcromio Member Posts: 1,737

    I don't see why killers should be punished for being efficient. BHVR double standards, I guess.

  • CleviteClevite Member Posts: 4,335

    Tunneling just sux to play against. I know and understand why it is done. It just completely ruins the game for someone.

    I don't mind it if it's later in the game and killer is trying to gain some momentum. But is pretty low skilled move when done at the start of the game .

    At least with gen rush the killer has a choice to abandon chases and go pressure gens. The tunneled survivor just has to keep running and never gets to play.

    Plus if your a tunneling killer your asking to get gen rushed because the survivors see your a tunneling killer and know they will be next so get out fast.

  • DepressedClownMainDepressedClownMain Member Posts: 924

    Your definition of tunneling is the bs one, considering if a claudette farms you, gets downed, the killer downs you, the new ds wouldnt work

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