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Question for Killer mains

When you down a survivor next to a hooked survivor do you leave them slugged and camp?

I ask this because i did it in a game earlier and received a lot of mean messages from some salty survivors afterwards


  • Rex_HuinRex_Huin Member Posts: 1,176

    Generally yes I do. Especially if they don't try and crawl away.

    No-one has ever complained though.

  • ABannedCatABannedCat Member Posts: 1,806

    Assuming, I don't need to slug to gain pressure, I only hook if another hook is nearby. If the game screwes me by putting hooks like 30m away, I am not gonna pick you up.

  • WaffleyumboyWaffleyumboy Member Posts: 4,731

    I will try to hook the slug nearby so they can lose hook states while I camp. You took the risk, here's your reward.

  • NikkiwhatNikkiwhat Member Posts: 1,118
    edited January 23

    It depends on the match and Survivors...In one match I had hooked someone and immediately the 3 other Survivors rushed for the unhook...I ended up grabbing 2 of them attempting to unhook and chased after the 3rd.

    If I hook someone and I dont see scratch marks, Spies go off, nor see anyone nearby...I'll leave, if I downed someone by a hooked person and see no indication of a 3rd Survivor around, I'll go hook them....otherwise you better believe I'll leave ya on the ground. I don't allow free unhooks if I know there are ppl around.

  • xCarriexCarrie Member Posts: 462

    If you just got unhooked or there’s no hooks around i’ll generally slug. If there’s hooks around i’ll hook, it’s a win win either way because two are out and one has to save. Yeah i’ll get “filthy slugger” sometimes for it but it doesn’t matter anymore as now I’m camping for just existing

  • WaffleyumboyWaffleyumboy Member Posts: 4,731

    I've never heard survivors complain about slugging and I play slugger billy all the time. Then again hardly anyone bothers to message on xbox.

  • MikeasaurusMikeasaurus Member Posts: 818

    I like to leave the savior slugged to try draw others toward the area. I don't camp by any means, and if the hooked survivor gets away, I wont go hunting them down. They just get replaced with the downed player.

  • underlord99underlord99 Member Posts: 891

    I meant downing the unhooker before they can unhook the survivor and leaving them slugged

  • Goat_WorshipGoat_Worship Member Posts: 73

    You may as well, especially if there's like 3+ gens left. Two survivors doing nothing is all the pressure you need to secure the kill.

    This happens frequently when people try to hook tech me, to which my response is to not swing and just facecamp.

  • ccactus623ccactus623 Member Posts: 9

    It would depend on the game, while camping would be effective you would lose points still and is quite boring. I understand if one gens left and all 4 are alive but early game it's more fun to go for a 3rd person. That way no one can be on a gen. But camping 2 people is fine dont worry about it.

  • xCarriexCarrie Member Posts: 462

    @Waffleyumboy Guess ps4 is like that, survivors and killers will complain about anything if it doesn’t go their way. Anything from get better camper to [BAD WORD] and “reporting” me for outplaying.

    @underlord99 ooh sorry lol yeah i’ll do that, I won’t camp but if gens are near and no hooks are what’s the point of leaving? i’ll just patrol mostly.

  • FleshTorpedoFleshTorpedo Member Posts: 394

    Depends on the situation if there are more survivors in the area, typically yes. If 5 gens are still up and no other survivors in the same area, ill take them to another hook.

  • HellDescentHellDescent Member Posts: 2,915

    Depends on the map, gens, survivors left alive, hook progress or if I want that specific survivor dead

  • edgarpoopedgarpoop Member Posts: 1,549

    Everything is situational. In that situation, it depends on where the hook timer is. If they're close to struggle state or death, then I'll probably leave the slugged person down. If not, I'll make sure I get the additional hook on the slugged person.

  • rhodamiarhodamia Member Posts: 157

    Personally I pick them right up. Usually when you do, the hiding survivors will come out of the woodworks to unhook the first guy.

    If they do, hook the new one on that same hook and go to town killing the savior.

    If they stand there and wait, drop your slug and go to town killing the was-gonna-be-savior.

    If they don't come out, then now you have 2 hooks and lots of pressure.

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