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How the Ruin nerf affects the health of the game.



  • ClickyClickyClickyClicky Member Posts: 1,425

    So basically you want the game to be designed in a way that heavily favours the killer.

    But you forget it’s not a horror movie, it’s a videogame. Nobody is going to play if they don’t have a fair chance of winning or balance.

    Too many people want this game balanced around the 4k. That would make it pointless to play survivor or killer.

  • Cable2486Cable2486 Member Posts: 142
    edited January 23

    The game was ALWAYS designed as a playable horror experience, heavily in favor of the killer. It was ment to simulate an experience either as a killer stalking people, or a survivor trying to elude and ultimately escape. It SHOULD be skewed towards the killer being harder to deal with. Part of the game is outwitting the killer. In fact, it's the primary role of the survivors. It's why they're called SURVIVORS and not victims, etc. No one would play the licensed killers if they were all as weak as legion used to be, partly because we remember their portrayals from their respective franchises, and partly because they're not natural, and thus have powerful abilities beyond normal humans.

    Dbd was ment to be scary, not so overtly competitive that it overshadows the whole game completely. Sure, there are mechanics that need work. Flashlights, for example, should blind much faster, with slightly wider, more reliable hitboxes. Tool boxes need to be combined and made rarer, but also have an ultra-rare version. Light needs to be adjusted, as do ambient surroundings to better allow survivors to hide and evade. Hatches need a small opening bar like exit gates, and keys should allow ONLY their holder through, closing immediately after. Killer powers and add-ons need to be reworked as well, incorporating cool-downs for several, as well as revised/new add-ons to add relevance and continuity to powers and their use. Above all, perks on both sides need to be more thoughtfully created, rather than just cheap re-skins with minor changes.

    Killers are ment to kill, not to let you get away. That said, pips and rank need to be awarded more based on their skill, speed, and efficiency in doing so, rather than being almost wholely ruled by how many kills per match they get. However, being that the game is, at it's core, a set of survivors trying to desperately escape the clutches of a terrifying, powerful, SUPERNATURAL murderer who's sole objective is to find and end them, it absolutely SHOULD be skewed in the Killers favor, offensively speaking. There are four survivors, working separately, in small groups, or in total unison to complete five generators and get out. The killer must hunt them one by one, hitting each twice before being able to pick them up and carry them to a hook, which much be done three times to kill them and remove them from the trial. You should count yourselves as collectively lucky that it works that way, and not like Friday the 13th, or it would be like killers having a permanent Mori.

    If you want fairness, look to the balance of mechanics such as offerings, rather than the diluting of abilities like hexes, which are already severely lacking, almost uselessly ephemeral, and once broken, completely gone from the trial.

    Oak branches, for example, should add to or decrease the number of hooks, rather than the distance between them. Gens should take a full 100 seconds to complete, be less harder to find, and more often then not be situated in ways that prevent more than two people from working on them max. The ultra-rare styptic needle should be rolled back to it's old form, while the new powder add-on should instead be an ultra-rare item itself, since it's essentially a disposable BT perk turned into an item. Doors should also be introduced in maps with houses, in the place of palettes, offering more options to fool killers by closing them, like using them to make noise, closing several in a hallway, but also not offering the ability to trap a survivor completely like a locker does. Likewise, I think fireworks should be an ultra-rare item always available, rather than just an event item. On top of that, certain items should never spawn in chests unless a survivor is all alone, keys being a perfect example. Once alone, a key should spawn in one chest, and once found, only then does the hatch spawn, alerting the killer that the key has been found. It makes the hatch far more fair for both sides, rather then a silly race, slanted much farther in the survivors favor everytime.

  • saminationsamination Member Posts: 266

    Faster than on PS4. Last night I played a few rounds and then a live-stream and we found matches in about 5 minutes of less each time.

  • RaccoonRaccoon Member Posts: 2,769
    edited January 23

    Off-topic, but my friend and I really like your animations (we started watching at Taco-Man).

    She won't stop singing the Hex song, now, though.


    If you ever have time to play with us on Steam, we'd be honored :3

  • saminationsamination Member Posts: 266

    Aww, thank you! :D I'm back streaming again and I play with my viewers! You can always just hope in when the lobby is open. :D

  • MarksmanSpecalMarksmanSpecal Member Posts: 106

    "Nobody is going to play if they have a fair chance or balancing?"


    Except those players choosing to play Killer. Those one´s deal with it since release....

  • AvisDeeneAvisDeene Member Posts: 1,381
    edited January 24

    *Offers Trapper some Gingersnaps*

    Those will help entertain you during the wait. You could also be working on the lyrics to your next song, a duet with Huntress.

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