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"Killers have tools to apply pressure"

Th3NightmareTh3Nightmare Member Posts: 877
edited January 24 in General Discussions

DEVS SAID: The killers have enough tools to apply pressure. how? Devs, tell me how.

Ok .. I understand you, I have to play with a trapper without being able to set traps, playing dirty, slugging, yeah really fun.

Do we have to apply pressure? Ok, lets play: Billy, Nurse with addons.

What head fits this term: Killers have tools to apply pressure ... tell me how I do it with: Trapper, Clown, GF, Myers, Leatherface etc ... do I have to ... slugging? Play dirty and suck, of course that is the game you are looking for. Keep it up, ignoring the people who have been playing your game for 4 year and focus on new players.

That's all I have to say.

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  • Colton147Colton147 Member Posts: 525

    I have no issue applying pressure when I'm playing Clown.

  • ToastfaceKillaToastfaceKilla Member Posts: 422

    Corrupt, does old Ruins job for me just fine, as long as I can get somebody on a hook before gens start popping, i'm good.

  • GHOSTfaceP3GHOSTfaceP3 Member Posts: 554

    It’s harder without ruin but with the new doc I find it’s very easy to down someone then slug them down the other person using infectious fright then use my power and if all goes well that’s 3 slugs and if there saved well that’s pressure..besides spirit and trying to learn nurse (on console) I think I’m a slugging doctor main now lol whisperers is a very powerful perk on him aswell

  • XetoilXetoil Member Posts: 93
    edited January 23

    I don't want to go into this topic at depth in this comment because it really is a topic you can go into great detail about, but the one thing I see that separates brown/green killers from purple is not how good they are at chasing, its where there priorities are at.

    Priorities which help me win games are:

    • Choosing which gens I can leave and which have to be protected at all costs
    • Choosing which pallets to force the survivor to drop & kick them asap, and which ones to attempt to get a hit at
    • Choosing when to drop a chase and go to gens, and when to follow through and get a hit

    Playing killer at midranks IMO is barely even about chasing, (most survivors at midranks are not going to know every tile so thoroughly that you need to play it in the most precise way) it's about resource management (pallets) and area control (gen priority), and also learning the habits of the individual survivors so you can either catch them out of position (negating a long chase), or beat them at mindgameable pallets.

    On the flip side, a good survivor will lead you on chases in areas which have a lot of pallets, preserve pallets around important gens for use in the late-game, and study how the killer plays/where he is likely to be in order to maximize their time on gens.

    Applying pressure can potentially be summed up as

    • Determine Which gens the survivors are prioritizing (B)
    • Determine Which gens the killer should be prioritizing (A)
    • Destroy all pallets around A/stop the completion of A, whilst delaying the progress of B

    Just want to point out that this is a huge simplification, but its a starting point.

  • Aven_FallenAven_Fallen Member Posts: 3,239

    Honestly, I dont care about Gens being done. As long it is under 5 Gens when the Game ends, it is fine, because then I won. I dont use Ruin for a long time so I know that it can be quite fast for the first one or two Gens.

    And regardin DS, BT... Usually I am not that close to the Hook when an Unhook happens, because I am in a Chase with another Survivor. From the stories written here on the Forum it reads like everyone camps and gets confronted with those Perks.

    Regarding Rank 9 Killer and way too good Survivors... thats an MM Issue and HOPEFULLY they fix it.

  • theArashitheArashi Member Posts: 718

    Simplest answer is: If survivors hold M1 by the gens and don't run away as fast as they can, you will not be able to apply much of a pressure.

    Some survivors will try to "mindgame" you but they always have the safer option of dropping the pallet slightly faster and you have to give up chase or you will never get anyone... and that gives survivors 3 gens for free.

    Also, I thought everyone already knew that slugging is the only way to actually do anything to the mediocre survivors and Adrenaline, DS and Unbreakable is meta so you can only hope to play against bad players.

    BUT HEY, devs fixed the issue of survivors being too good with making every lobby contain two players that know how to play and 2 players that are complete newbies. Newbies will die, good players will survive unless you focus on that good players instead of finishing off potatoes. Fixed.

  • Johnny_XManJohnny_XMan Member Posts: 1,629
    edited January 23

    I can't speak for everyone else, but as a Myers main, and I gotta say I disagree that he has trouble applying pressure.

    He is legitimately one of the best killers in the game. His Evil Within alone can create a giant snowball effect, not to mention a lot of pressure because you can definitely get people off a gen if they know they are in exposed status.

    I think everything you do, no matter what killer you play. You are never going to be doing the same exact thing when applying pressure if you have an understanding of how the character plays.

  • LegionMain343LegionMain343 Member Posts: 118

    Legion: Doing Legiony things ccc:

  • PeanitsPeanits Dev, Community Manager Posts: 5,317

    There must have been some sort of mistake; the post you quoted does not tell you that you should camp at all. Camping is definitely not required.

  • Devil_hit11Devil_hit11 Member Posts: 243

    The thing with slugging is that slugging allows killer to realistically... just 1 hook entire team. You could in reality make an entire tier-list for killers strength exclusively on slugging and nothing else. If there was no such thing as emblem system, I am sure people would try to play killer in lamest possible way if the scoreboard said victory every time. killers used Hex:Ruin to play in a more fun way that involves going for many chases instead of finding strategies to cheese your opponent as hard as possible. Don't take it personal, but I have less respect for players who use this strategy simply because it's easily one of the most least fun strategies go up against as survivor. Also, when you talked about idea of rebuilding totems, It was more in line to think about how the killer perk NOED works where survivors need break all the totems to disable a powerful effect thus making survivors spend less time on generator and more time going on a totem hunt if said effect bothered them. With the new Hex:ruin, It almost feels like you don't really notice the effect even when the perk is in play. Since the other perk need to be earned before they take effect, they get disable before they make an impact in the match or the match ends before it impacts the match. I suppose people are going to have to play more lame if the opponent is competent so I guess it is whatever.

  • AvisDeeneAvisDeene Member Posts: 1,374

    Why should you care if you doing your objective annoys the survivors? Survivors bring in multiple toolboxes, pallet stun and blind the killer, and do gens as fast as they can, all without regards to how the person playing Killer feels. So what if they flame you, it's an internet game that has no baring on your life unless you're a full time streamer who makes money playing it. Even then, they too, ignore the stupid comments because they realize that it's just a sad little idiot behind the text.

    If you have to play dirty, so be it. It is not your job to make the game fun for your opponent- that's the Devs job. Do what you have to, if it gets boring, try a different killer, play survivor, or take a break from the game.

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