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Hackers everywhere?



  • MringasaMringasa Member Posts: 976

    It's lag. I've been hit with this badly myself. 300 MB connection, 50-55 ping solid in the lobby, yet I rubberband, see "ghosts" running away from me who end up 20 meters in the opposite direction, and I won't even discuss the disappearing/reappearing scratchmarks. Welcome to getting "dedicated'.

    The BS hits are real though. I've landed a number of them, including getting pallet stunned afterwards and the Survivor landing 20 meters away from the pallet they stunned me with. Not to mention the T-Posed Survivor husk still hanging on the hook after they've been unhooked. Guess what? If you hit that "husk", it actually hits the Survivor too. Good luck finding them though, as they are usually 50-60 meters away swearing at you while they are on the ground wondering how you managed to hit them.

  • RegionlockRegionlock Member Posts: 316

    If you actually believe that's my connection you are beyond convincing. My recorder is dodoo, it's not my connection. Everyone in those videos had the same experience with the killers. It's like trying to convince the hackers or lagswitchers themselves in these forums, lol.

    What do you guys want to see endgame discussion of all of us discussing how toxic the hacker is as well? You guys are delusional and beyond convincing if you think I was the only one experiencing the fucken 20 mile away kobe swings. Get real kid.

  • RegionlockRegionlock Member Posts: 316

    The wraith footage I managed to capture completely and it was happening to everyone so I doubt the server felt bad for them. For the trapper it was after I ran him for a few that it started happening so I guess it applies there lol. Conveniently only happened at the right times for him, imagine that... Everyone here can believe what ever they want tho, it's pretty obvious there exploiting to me.

  • ToastfaceKillaToastfaceKilla Member Posts: 574

    That's lag, there arnt hacks that do that. Go to hack forums and look if you dont belive me. What are the hacks going to do mod the hitbox? There are only so many hacks that exist for different games, esp, aimbots, etc, hardly any work on Dbd because the mechanics don't fit.

  • Zanely89Zanely89 Member Posts: 134

    Then why bother come here posting all these video if you already make up your mind that they are hacker? It seems like you just want people nod and agree with you and dismiss everyone that tells you otherwise.

  • MissKitty95MissKitty95 Member Posts: 746
    edited January 2020

    @Regionlock I agree with you trust me 😂 I was just making a joke, the way I stay sane when playing the game is just saying the devs feel bad for the killer so they f with my signal lool, if I saved my game I would of clipped it here, had a ghost face on lerys, chasing round gens geting done one gen left I start lagging when then past 5 mins there has been no such thing I vaulted a window took 4 steps ran out a door and I got slapped and went down ... I spin my camera the killer is still at the window .... he wasn’t even close to the window that’s what made it worst so believe you I understand 😂 I see a Killer I start running gain distance it pushes me back I’m in his face and I get hit ..... I vaulted a window and was on the window for around 5 seconds stuck in place I then went down from a invisable killer, now I have a Ethernet cable and the best internet so I no it’s not my side and I doubt it’s servers as this would happen ever game it only seems to happen when the killer is geting heavily **** on

    your video made me so happy that’s literally what I Experience so happy it’s not just me lol

  • RegionlockRegionlock Member Posts: 316

    I'm trying to bring attention to this exploit so it's looked into. In what world is anything done if their isn't attention brought to it? Even if this is just dedicated servers like you all seem to think, than it clearly needs to be addressed, right? Am I suppose to pretend it's not happening? This never happened to me when dedicated first came out and they had way more issues before, but if it's the dedicated servers than they need to address the situation because it's bad. We all experienced that in the match.

  • RegionlockRegionlock Member Posts: 316

    Oh, I knew you agreed with me 😀 And I know it's not my connection either as I got 1G living in a major city in the west coast. I'm not in the boonies to believe these are convenient lag spikes that are happening to me at the end of chases after a few gens get done 😂 The level of teleport I got on the trapper one I didn't manage to capture on video was worthy of a full disconnect if it was my connection. I basically ended up exactly on a hook crossmap where he was, when I was at the completely opposite side of the map healing to push the gate😂 Just a coincidence that I teleport to a hook to die, only me😂

  • NullEXENullEXE Member Posts: 1,632

    Its this exact response thst tells me you don't know what your talking about on how latency works in games. But yeah, keep getting hostile instead of learning how something works.

  • RegionlockRegionlock Member Posts: 316
    edited January 2020

    My previous statement stands. I know how latency works nor is it my connection. I made that statement because there really is no point in convincing you otherwise, right? BHVR has the reports of everyone in those matches having the same experience as me and they aree really the only ones that matter... Everyone here can look at the video and decide for themselves as you have.

  • TheDizTheDiz Member Posts: 240

    That seemed like cheating and not the server because he threw the pallet, stunned the Wraith, somehow got hit, and then the Wraith broke the pallet from the other side and had to come around to pick him up. But then again I played a match against a really sketchy doc that seemed to glitch closer during chases but he hit me once and it caused me to do the glitch. I just kept running and watched him lose so much ground. I thought it was hilarious so I just kept running all the way around the map, glitch running about 20% faster than a normal speed but it went away as soon as I stopped. It was weird because I don't know how to hack and it looked like I was hacking and the killer didn't even bring it up post game? Maybe his glitch hack was contagious, lol

  • RegionlockRegionlock Member Posts: 316

    Nice bait. If you want to learn about it yourself look it up.

  • RegionlockRegionlock Member Posts: 316

    I didn't even stun the wraith I knew something was up on the first hit and put the pallet down extremely early to confirm my suspicion. The wraith basically hits me from the other side of the wall, Lol. At least you ain't buying this, it's just my connection nonsense when everyone in the lobby experienced the same thing.

  • RegionlockRegionlock Member Posts: 316

    I'm not here to convince you. I already told the last guy the same thing. Form your own opinion about the video and believe what you want. You are welcome to your own opinion about it because what ever I say won't matter even if it's factual. Welcome to the internet.

  • JHondoJHondo Member Posts: 1,079

    This happens to me sometimes as killer. I'll be in a chase, swing, and it'll hit but then I find the player down on the other side of a window or pallet despite hitting them far prior to the vaulting animation. Last night I was chasing a Dwight on Autohaven and hit him in the building at the Gen but his body magically transported on the other side of the window now injured. It's due to lag

  • twistedmonkeytwistedmonkey Member, Trusted Posts: 4,266

    There is an issue with servers where players can get desynced from them. This causes you to see them at a different location from where rhey actually are.

    Some are also using vpn's as I've seen a few names that have no characters. A bad ping on the killer or survivors can cause issues again from where you see them on your screen and hits can seem like very far away.

    I'd report them anyway just in case though as its better for them to be aware just in case.

  • DiamDiam Member Posts: 50

    I can’t stream this game because I did that to people in the past. It is lag. That isn’t what hacks look like. Also explain your knowledge on latency and internet to @Sairek please. I’m curious.

  • RegionlockRegionlock Member Posts: 316

    Exactly my point you're convinced and have made up your own mind so you're welcome to explain it to him yourself. Show him your video evidence too while your add it. For the third time, I'm not here to convince any of you of anything. Clearly there is a problem here no matter if it's lag or hacks. Simple.

  • EnviouSLAYEnviouSLAY Member Posts: 300

    high ping is a big problem for most of the "hackers" although there are still players intentionally pulling their plug to get an advantage. that tactic still works as killer to just stomp people, especially at loops.

  • LufanatiLufanati Member Posts: 198

    I've experienced two hackers in the last week as well, and I had literally never encountered one in a year of playing before. One was a Ghostface doing similar things to what you showed in the video, and the other was a speedhacking survivor. His teammates were actually really cool and kept trying to sandbag him for me.

  • RobowoRobowo Member Posts: 2

    As of now april 21, 2021. I played two games as a killer, on the 1st game i hooked a survivor twice and got by the entity but later suddenly appeared (spawn hack), and 2nd game i chased a survivor she equipped sprint burst but after chasing more than 10 sec she suddenly speed up line 5.X ms without limit.. where to report this guys? And is there an option that we can view the players # code to report

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