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Dev's Say They Expect Generators Not To Last In The First 4 Minutes

NullEXENullEXE Member Posts: 1,632

This was just said in the Livestream, my concern is that it's the lack of early game pressure for most killers is what is causing problems with the Gatekeeper emblem, and scoring. If the developers expect 1-2 generators to be repaired in the first 4 minutes, why does that penalize the Killer in the Gatekeeper emblem?



  • NobsydeNobsyde Member Posts: 1,288
    edited January 2020

    they also said that there is a memorandum (sorry I couldn't remember the exact word they used) to create maps that aren't too big, and I suppose to rework those that currently are accordingly.

    If that is the case I can accept the statement you are talking about - yeah, early game will be much shorter but at the same time it will be more difficult for survivors to go through the mid game, which is arguably the most interactive part of the game anyway.

    Plus once they will nerf toolboxes I expect the game to become a bit slower (well, that's depending on how they'll nerf those, though).

  • ClickyClickyClickyClicky Member Posts: 3,536

    Gatekeeper has been changed

  • NobsydeNobsyde Member Posts: 1,288
    edited January 2020

    you may not use them, but there are 4 survivors in a game ;).

    As far as the very slow rework on maps.. I can't disagree with that, but still, that's what we're stuck with. I suggested in the past to disable from the pick rotation certain maps before their rework, since it's not like we lack variety right now, and I still think it could be a perfectly fine band-aid for the time being.

  • NobsydeNobsyde Member Posts: 1,288
    edited January 2020

    I see your point, but it's a bit silly that in the same post you say that by nerfing toolboxes you can alleviate the problem, but not fix it, while at the same time stating that changing window layout of certain maps is better than nothing.

    Why do you have two very different opinions of the same concept? Especially considering that the big issue is how big maps are (but you are absolutely right, windows and pallets are a component as well), which remains basically unaffected by window relocation, while a toolbox nerf at least addresses the exact issue: gen speed.

    P.S. I use Unity, not Unreal, but I'm fairly sure that things work similarly so what I would like to say is: refrain from saying things like "it takes 5 minutes to close a window", because it doesn't, not from a design point of view, not from a technical point of view. We as players can and should be vocal on what we want to see changed, but let's be humble and admit that we don't know what goes on behind the scenes.

  • NullEXENullEXE Member Posts: 1,632

    Can you elaborate on that update though, it's confusing because it doesn't sound like it impacts a lot on the early game as opposed to the endgame.

    Gatekeeper Emblem: Flattened score value of all remaining generators so now all generators are worth the same amount (1 point per minute) regardless of the duration that they remain in the match. Also added an additional score for both gate remaining unopened at the end of the match.

    Like with the slow killers walking across the map at the start of the match. 1-2 generators can (and do) explode in the first 40-80 seconds of the match. By taking that update by word you would get 0-2 points for either of those generators, and then only 3 points per minute the rest of the match - it doesn't sound like much of a difference from before at all. How many points do you get for the doors? Sorry i'm not trying to nit-pick, but just confused.

  • NullEXENullEXE Member Posts: 1,632

    Also since the update I do more often get Silver Gatekeeper - which is good, so i'm seeing the update is working as intended, but I Rarely go over that, which I imagine is because the first 2 generators go so quickly, and the Killer having very little ability to do anything about it. Even when I play Legion. Big maps are still a nightmare.

  • PereliePerelie Member Posts: 433

    The whole emblem system is terribly flawed, the amount of matches where I get 3 to 4 kills and still barely safety (sometimes even depip) is insane. Of course meanwhile it's extremely easy for survivors to get massive points and rank up.

  • NobsydeNobsyde Member Posts: 1,288

    I still disagree with the 5 minutes thing, but I don't want to indulge too much into it, instead I would like to compliment you for your art project, it looks very cool!

    ..you should remove a window though! :P

  • NobsydeNobsyde Member Posts: 1,288
  • HopesfallHopesfall Member Posts: 828

    it's not always about the emblem.. killers want long matches so we can have a decent amount of chases (more than 3 before EGC).

    "as long as you recover" ... why even have that caveat? you're saying that like playing killer has an immediate, known disadvantage.

  • NullEXENullEXE Member Posts: 1,632
    edited January 2020

    Yeah even I find chases fun - as both Survivor and Killer, it's probably the most engaging part of the game. However my larger concern is that the scoring system rewards players for playing well first.

    I see it as when the scoring system is more balanced, and you pip when you normally get 2 or more sac's/kills, as the objective is described. Then it would be easier to balance parts of the game like chases, and more interaction between killers and survivors.

    Right now when I play, so by my own observations the only emblem I have trouble with is the Gatekeeper emblem, because as Killer I play in a playstyle where I will sacrifice generators to ensure another hook, or to take out a Survivor entirely. When there is 5 generators left in the trial with 3 survivors it becomes a lot easier to keep survivors off generators. Though if the game starts and I lose 2 gens before I even walk to the other side of the map, that's less hooks I have at that point, and therefore less ability to get that 3 man to actually survive the mid to late game.

    I hope I described that right. TL:DR. Fixing gatekeeper emblem. I believe, will lead to an easier time fixing other parts of the game.

  • BoodgeBoodge Member Posts: 19

    But the "recovery" is an intended flow for the game. Killer starts at a disadvantage because they have too many objectives to protect, but get more powerful as matches reach the end, since they have a smaller area to protect, and usually less survivors to worry about. It is natural, even healthy for the game, for the first 2 generators to go relatively quickly. In fact, if the first 4 minutes of a match goes by and no generators are done... hell even only 1 generator, the survivors are probably going to lose. 4 minutes is an eternity in a match, and killers snowball harder as matches progress.

  • XelarangerXelaranger Member Posts: 10

    But its possible for the surviors to get as little as a few hundred gotta not just look at the upside.

  • MiktheSpikMiktheSpik Member Posts: 75

    Killers always bitching about how survivors are catered to but dont see things like the upcomming toolbox nerf at all related to the unrelenting, LITERALLY never ending bitching that is in all its entirety of ever killer main on this forum. As of the most recent stats (which probably have swayed alittle bit since then, i dont know if its been updated) killers have been averaging at MINIMUM 2 kills per game. And these mother fuckêrs start SCREAMING AT THE TOP OF THEIR LUNGS. DEMANDING that the game made to be more favorable for them. Like if you want to talk about the difficulty of pipping or how there may be some survivor based loops which are completely debatable. But god the just LITERAL, not even an exaggeration, UNENDING aimless pointless bítch that survivors are just "privleged" jesus christ man, if people want to gather data and make a legitament arguement to contend against survivors, i get it, i want that. I DESPERATELY LONG FOR IT. Like you have no idea how bad i want that, but you guys wonder why the devs dont listen despite 80 percent of the posts here from killers (which is funny cause i never see survivor mains in here hardly. So the embodiment of of this forum is represented by killer mains bítching with no notable evidence aside from "this guy said this on a forum i read that is partially misinterpretted") crying for survivor nerfs and killer buffs. NOT EVEN GIVING SUGGESTIONS. Like asking for an improvment is one thing but raging and crying and screaming that something NEEDS to happen but giving nothing for ideas that are actually balanced and me as a person who loves playing both sides and who has what i consider a fairly nuetral perspective and understands alot of the underlying issues (which beleive it or not isnt just "survivors are cattered to") like the monster amount of bugs, retative gameplay and such, I want to converse and debate and theorize but theres nothing to debate with apes screaming about how unfair theyre being treated. I mean seriously, like i said. This is how killer mains look to the rest of the world and you arent going to get any type of changes by just screaming louder and crying more tears. You just wont, im not trying to discourage you, as i feel ive shown, i want talk and debate these things but you just cant keep crying and expecting people to listen.

  • PulsarPulsar Member Posts: 14,823

    While we certainly appreciate the thought that was clearly put into this change, there is the reality of the matter.

    Gens are impossible to control on some maps. Rotten Fields with Legion, for example. What am I supposed to do? There is no way I can pressure the Survivors enough. Additionally, on maps with a lot of pallets, Blood Lodge for example, one committed chase will cost you three gens. There aren't any real dead areas on most maps.

  • NEVELEVEN11NEVELEVEN11 Member Posts: 141

    I dont worry about gen pressure. The more they repair, the harder it gets for them. I like to keep them away from 3 that are closest together. Just played a game in fact they finished all gens and i still got 4k.

  • DJ_2_toxicDJ_2_toxic Member Posts: 29

    Bottom line this is gonna be a bumpy ride for everyone because this game is unbalanced to heck and they fail to see it so..... Just waiting for this game to die

  • VampiroxVampirox Member Posts: 395

    I love the Ruin being changed but now when i play trapper its sooooo ######### brutal with his setup time =/

    OG daddy needs a buff!!!

  • JohnofPAJohnofPA Member Posts: 12

    Why is there only a vote up option? Boo

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