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Would you recommend DBD in its current state to a friend?



  • DalauanDivineDalauanDivine Member Posts: 126

    I wouldn't recommend it in any state considering the abusive people that play it who think it's okay to blurt out the most despicable stuff

  • ElkElk Member Posts: 2,267

    Of course, but I'll tell them that the community is just like any other.

  • princeharlequinprinceharlequin Member Posts: 58

    Absolutely not

  • Number22Number22 Member Posts: 27
    edited January 2020

    It's funny you post this because I was literally thinking not so long ago about how flawed this game is from both killer and survivor perspectives, and I was wondering who would buy this game now knowing the state it's in. The answer is no, I would not recommend it. Not only has this game had its fair share of bugs over the years, but a year ago (on ps4) it would take an hour to an hour and a half to find a match with 3 to 4 survivors swf. Absolutely ridiculous. It took them more than half a year to fix this. It was improved not so long ago, but it still needs work. It seems like things are always getting fixed but things are always messing up. Not to mention the general toxicity/[female dog]iness on both sides in this community. Survivors DCing when they get hooked/killed early, Survivors DCing when a certain map/perk or add on is used. Killers DCing when survivors pop gens early, killers DCing when survivors cleanse a totem. The flawed mechanics of the game and sense of entitlement/sense of righteousness this community is known for makes this seem like a waste of money and really unappealing.

  • ABannedCatABannedCat Member Posts: 2,529

    As survivor? Hell friggign yeah!

    As killer? Only if you like a challenge.

  • BenZ0BenZ0 Member Posts: 3,799
    edited January 2020

    Depends on the friend. Some like compatative games to sweat into, some want to play chilled and relaxed games. I have a friend who plays cs go and lol and so I thought dbd could be somehow compared and would fit. Overall he likes dbd, its atleast what he told me xD

  • thelioncidthelioncid Member Posts: 43

    I did it, I already have several friends and they love the game, I don't know why I shouldn't, the game is very fun and the waiting times have improved a lot

  • StingyJackStingyJack Member Posts: 12

    Absolutely not

  • DustinDustin Member Posts: 1,636
    edited January 2020

    I actively discourage anyone asking from buying this game. This game is special to me but for a newcomer it will become a stressful experience.

    • Killer role is a struggle juggling 4 survivors and is stressful
    • Survivor is incredibly easy to a point where you have to look for the killer at times

    It's been like this for a while but when ever BHVR reworks most of the maps is probably when I'd start recommending the game. Maps really are a big issue in this game as well as stuff for survivor to do.

  • LufanatiLufanati Member Posts: 198

    No, the game hasn't been in a worse state since I've picked it up. Just as glitchy as ever, but now it's even more unbalanced.

  • Speshul_KittenSpeshul_Kitten Member Posts: 1,861
  • MringasaMringasa Member Posts: 976

    Not now. I changed my review to a negative until they fix matchmaking. I see this as the worst problem in DbD right now. If they can fix that, then I would 100% recommend it. It's a fun game at its core. Some things need addressed though before I'll switch that back to a recommend.

  • Brucecastro81Brucecastro81 Member Posts: 1,609

    Not right now since matchmaking in rank 20.....

  • Primalux135Primalux135 Member Posts: 1,045

    If they buy it per 10 euros I would only 1/2 of the game is relaxing and funny the other part is stressing.

  • Johnny_XManJohnny_XMan Member Posts: 5,472
    edited January 2020

    Yes I would. No game is perfect.

    And it’s a ton of fun.

  • aurum_exeaurum_exe Member Posts: 178
    edited January 2020

    In the past I have recommended it. In the state it is right now, not anymore. Too many bugs that get worse with each new update, server side latency-weirdnesses never experienced in any other online game. Inexistent hits through walls or at long distances and the list is full of other OMG stuff. Bugs usually are getting corrected every patch in all games. DbD it's the only online game I know that breaks stuff that was working perfectly at every new patch. I still playing it because, somehow, after 1800+ hours still entertaining, but i have to passively accept all its frustrating impefections, but i won't recommend it anymore.

  • WitasWitas Member Posts: 457
    edited January 2020

    As much as I love the game and the developers behind it, it currently has way too many issues for me to recommend to someone and not feel bad about it. MAYBE I would consider recommending it for someone interested in playing survivor, but definetly not for someone who wants to play killer.

  • Iudex_NemesisIudex_Nemesis Member Posts: 269

    I got this from ps+ but didn't start playing until roughly last year. I've had fun but no I would'nt recommend it.

    Definitely not "new player friendly" plus it's grindy and matchmaking would just put them off.

    I'm starting to take more breaks and returning to monster hunter and warframe.

  • AncilleAncille Member Posts: 37

    No. I still play because I (for some unholy reason) still enjoy it. I wouldn't recommend anyone new to start playing.

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