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Dev's c'mon now... (Rant)



  • ThrockmortonThrockmorton Member Posts: 27

    Funny I have no issue at rank 2 getting a 4k. Your crutch is gone you gotta adapt bro

  • WeskerWesker Member Posts: 339

    They always buffed killers without never addressing the real reason of our weakness. All they did to buff us was unneded. Since 2016 all they should have done was implement old Hex: Ruin in the killer's basekit, rather they nerfed it into the ground (and still a hex lmao). Rank 20 survivors cried since 2016 for ruin-skillchecks? Go to fix cars and phones in Friday the 13th then, skillchecks are for monkeys over there.

  • Ol_Philly_SixOl_Philly_Six Member Posts: 35

    Sorry to the OP, because I don't like calling people out on their skill level (especially when mine is so low), but I gotta agree with Aven_Fallen (and others saying the same thing). Ruin didn't really affect semi-competent survivors, once you got a couple 100 hours in you get used to it, maybe miss the first check in a game, but then you know it's there and concentrate a little more. The ranking system is supposed to place good killers with good survivors and mediocre killers with mediocre survivors, if you can't get any kills without ruin, then you should be losing ranks so that you go against survivors of a similar skill level to yourself. I struggle getting kills without it, but that's cos I'm not very good at killer, and so I shouldn't be in red ranks cos I'm simply not good enough to be there. If there are 20 ranks, then red ranks (1-5) should be reserved for the top 25% of killers and survs, there's no shame in not being in the top 25%, the majority of players (75% according to my pro maths skills) won't be that good, nothing wrong with that.

  • MringasaMringasa Member Posts: 978

    The problem being, that there's no losing rank for easier matches to gain more skill. Sitting at Rank 13 atm, and I've faced more purples/reds than I have greens/yellows by a large margin.

    Before you can cry "Nerf, buff, blah blah" you need to address matchmaking and make it so that Killers can face Survivors of equal skill. But hey, that's not really possible at all tbh, because deranking exists. When you're Rank 20 facing 4 Rank 20 Survivors with a full meta T3 loadout, obviously there is something else wrong with the game besides Perks getting nerfed.

    Part of it is the playerbase, there will always be trolls and people who get a rush bullying anyone they can, but the matchmaking needs addressed before anything can be balanced. Without that, there's no real use because you're going to have matches all over the spectrum of imbalance and that will simply give you trash data with which to balance the game.

  • The1GuyThatCampsThe1GuyThatCamps Member Posts: 7
    edited January 2020

    If your nothing without ruin then you shouldn't have it.

    You should be happy, insta heals are nerfed, and that's something from the survivors that's been taken away now it's the killers turn... So deal with it.

  • CrescentGentCrescentGent Member Posts: 60

    Survivors now are self entitled. Have a plethora of perks to help them survive, and then have the nerve to BM at the end.

    I miss the wraith when the game came out, hd was ridiculously fast by default and no one complained.

    It's a game where there are 4 people Vs 1 killer. Killers need to be "OP" to make it a challenge for survivors to escape, not gen rushing 30 seconds in. Survivor mains need to get their head out of their arse and realise that survivors have a major advantage.

  • KillerMonkey236KillerMonkey236 Member Posts: 35

    Lmao instaheals were "nerfed" you have instant borrowed time and 16 or less second heal while running, not really a nerf. Considering instant borrowed time is the same thing except you get to mend now.

  • InfestedInfested Member Posts: 18

    Let's say for arguments sake that survivors have been nerfed more over the years then killers. Just because I can't be arsed to keep that argument going.

    Ruin need was not needed I mostly only play survivor and I'm rank 1. Against a SWF at Purple ranks or higher without ruin it is PHYSICALLY impossible for anyone but a nurse to win. I can literally run a killer round for 2 mins and 3 gens are already gone and my swf group is working on 4th and 5th even if I go down we still have already garunteed a win.

    It's not even fun for us survivors when the games are this easy

  • xChaosXAnge1xxChaosXAnge1x Member Posts: 9

    I agree about the ruin thing at the end of the day killers rely on this way to much and for no good reason either yeah at red rank you may see 4 survivors with toolkits rushing u but let's say for argument sake you come across 4 without toolkits ruin can still easily be counted and in red ranks ruin normally is instant popped so it is completely useless regardless of 4 toolkits or not I'm glad they changed it as way to many people live on this perk which is so over hyped and all it does is yeah slow the game down abit

  • polipoli Member Posts: 34

    maybe you should get good

  • AStupidDavidAStupidDavid Member Posts: 156

    So you're telling us that a perk that was usually destroyed in the first minute of the match is the reason you're not a red rank anymore? I'm sorry but you've clearly never been in the red ranks, using ruin in the red ranks was basically wasting a perk slot

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