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Uninstalling as I type this

Well guys its been fun. Or it used to be at least. But now im just sick of this cesspool of a game. Red rank killer ques are short but the games are stress inducing because i have to play my hardest every single killer game to avoid getting gen rushed. Its not fun anymore having even more pressure put on me by the devs when i play killer. So then i switch to survivor. That way i can wait 10+ minutes for a lobby where i either get slugged, camped, or i green/grey rank teammates. Its not enough fun for the amount of time i wait. Even when i play with 1 or more friends the queue times just go up. The devs have shown they lack the capacity to listen to the killers at all and so now the game is virtually unplayable on both sides for different reasons for me. So im uninstalling to make room for other games i can play and have fun consistently. Bye everyone and i hope the game gets better. I really do.



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