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Matchmaking is even worst with dedicated servers

MrsGhostfaceMrsGhostface Member Posts: 449
edited January 9 in PS4

Don’t roast my rank LOL, I play a lot of survivor too so I’m not always playing killer.

The worst part is survivors join before you so it’s hard to prepare for a swf


  • notsoscarrednotsoscarred Member Posts: 2

    You killed them all at least. Also I haven’t played killer for a long time and i was rank 20 and i had a bunch of rank 10-8’s dc on the first hook.

  • FortyTillFive420FortyTillFive420 Member Posts: 13

    Add me on PS4 I’m rank 6 for now. Literally have zero ppl to play with. FortyTillFive420

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