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I just love the complains

I didn't visit the forums for one day and the whole dbd community is on fire.

I hopped into some forums to see what's the deal, and everyone kept addressing the tiniest of details that the devs made during the Q&A.

Then, after a bit of meditation, yoga and a bit of visit to the fourth dimension, I came to the conclusion that the community is split to two. The 65% (maybe overestimated) that complain about the ruin/doctor changes, believing that the balance team heavily focuses on the survivors enjoyment rather than all player's and that they heavily focus on buffing them (survivors)

On the other side of the spectrum, there are the 35% Bagging,calm spirits of the community that use logic in order to justify the devs decisions. These kind of people also do one of two things;

Either they make posts to calm everyone down/say their opinion/complain about the 65% of the community's behavior.

Or, they just keep calm, relax and watch the beautiful world of dbd completely on fire. Most of them, while eating popcorn.

So, in which side are you? I'm on the second if you couldn't guess. No, I don't complain about anything, I just state some facts :3

Let me know below!



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