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So pennywise can't technically be taken by the entity? he wouldn't surrender either

UrbanChaos45UrbanChaos45 Member Posts: 37

So basically he can't technically be taken by the entity he's an entity of himself and no way would he surrender to DBD's entity unless he got his but kicked by the entity and that's how pennywise loses.


  • Nyaren_ChanNyaren_Chan Member Posts: 219

    Well, sometimes it isn't necessarily about " submitting " by force to the Entity. I believe a few killers such as Pig, Myers and Ghostface accepted just for their own pleasure/scheme. Amanda Young for example saw this as a way to test people, without giving them too much of a chance to be redeemed ( she ended up disagreeing with Jigsaw's Philosophy but still pay some form of tribute to him ).

    In a nutshell, you don't have to get your butt kicked by the Entity to accept to "submit" to its will, then again, what is Pennywise's purpose ?

  • UrbanChaos45UrbanChaos45 Member Posts: 37

    Well pennywise i believe is stronger than the entity in DBD, The only way for BHVR to tell a story is that pennywise dragged someone from the losers club to be with him in the entity'a world.

  • Nyaren_ChanNyaren_Chan Member Posts: 219

    Well the Entity has its own world with its own rules. I am sure there would be a way to justify Pennywise ending up in its world regardless.

  • RydogRydog Member Posts: 3,109

    It's just lore, they'll find a way to make the framing device fit whatever they decide they want to add.

    The Entity is a "Dark Powers of Ravenloft" kind of deal -- it's intentionally vague so it can be whatever they need it to be.

  • RaptorrotasRaptorrotas Member Posts: 2,154

    Like already mentioned, there are ways...

    Freddy had the same thing. The entity managed to snatch him and before he knew he'd have to abide to someone else's rules.

    Same would probably apply to Pennywise, while I have absolute no clue about that guy, if the entity would manage to get him into the game, he'd have to play by the entity's rules.

  • FibijeanFibijean Member Posts: 8,340

    I think the distinguishing point is that all the killers so far have been ordinary humans or monsters. Basically physical beings. To my understanding, Pennywise, like the DBD entity, is essentially a kind of Lovecraftian horror. While he can take a physical form, his existence is metaphysical. It goes beyond the supernatural, both of them are more like gods. That's why it's difficult to see how one could fit in with the other lore-wise without compromising the essence of their character.

  • UrbanChaos45UrbanChaos45 Member Posts: 37

    Yeah this is what I meant but couldn't put it into words

  • RaptorrotasRaptorrotas Member Posts: 2,154

    "I bet you'd suck at this"

    - The Entity, 20 minutes before a very drunk Pennywise accepts a humiliating challenge from an equally drunk spider buddy.

  • Jacoby2041Jacoby2041 Member Posts: 526

    Maybe the Entity wouldn't be able to capture him, just allow him to take physical form in its trials to have fun hunting the survivors. So Pennywise would still exist outside of the Entity's world and wouldn't be controlled by it, it would be more like the Entity made a deal with him to let him hunt as many survivors as he wants as long as he plays by the rules.

  • ThatonesurvivorThatonesurvivor Member Posts: 7

    If that was the case then children would have to be added to the trials. And penny wise only preys on kids. So the adults would be useless to kill since he needs fear. And I doubt a child knows how to repair a generator or survive being on a hook

  • sobrat1sobrat1 Member Posts: 28

    Pennywise can be trapped and weakened. I think it is In the Dark Tower that we see a bit of that.

    So if the entity is not afraid then it would defeat and control pennywise easily I think.

    And it would be nice to get a survivor not from the losers club but someone with the shining.

  • HuntedfailureHuntedfailure Member Posts: 180

    who's to say the entity and it can't make a deal. they both get an infinite source of food through trials so the entity could offer that.

  • xZeroStrikexZeroStrike Member Posts: 128

    " The Entity grew strong enough to create a physical proxy, and became able to hunt survivors itsself. Of course it would keep its other loyal, and not-so loyal, servants to hunt more while it was doing the same. Now, all that the Entity needed was a shape. Something to visualise to instill fear in its victims. It looked through the other world, from which it had snagged all its previous victims. There was a boy watching something on a strange device... a clown-like creature appeared inside the mysterious box... the Entity could sense it... the child felt... fear. And thus, the Entity knew exactly what its proxy would look like. "

    And Pennywise entered the roster.

  • Walker_of_the_fog_96Walker_of_the_fog_96 Member Posts: 1,244

    no, pennywise will not enter the game.

  • InokaraInokara Member Posts: 50

    I know this thread has aged but I'm gonna put my two cents in.

    I saw something in this thread that....just isnt true. "Pennywise is stronger then The Entity"

    Yes Pennywise is an Interdimensional Alien that feeds off of fear and transforms into the worst things imaginable. But here is the thing The Entity is also a Interdimensional Creature, but this one can displace powerful creatures from all time frames throughout the universe. From the dream realm to the upside down. Not only that but it has created it's own Dark universe using memories from broken minds to make torture maps for a endless sick game of cat and mouse where it feeds off of the hopeless nest and pain of the victims of each "trial" unlike pennywise who has a feeding cycle with a measurable gap inbetween each cycle. Time obviously works diffrent in the Realm of the entity so let's say Pennywise does get dragged in. I would say one of three things happen.

    1. We know the entity can be Displeased, Please, and even Inpatient. However these are things that can be felt by any creature even ones with no emotion as these things arnt feelings but mindset. We have no clue if the entity can be afraid or not. If it cant be afraid then pennywise has no power AT ALL to go at it, and would easily surrender to the entity opting to live. Just like when the loser club was winning and he made the deal saying "ILL KILL ALL OF YOU...OR...I TAKE JUST ONE, THE REST OF YOU WILL GROW OLD AND LEAD HAAAAPY LIVES" he is absolutely willing to submit to specific terms to continue living. In the end pennywise is a coward in his own right valuing his own existence rather then ever completing a mission. So he would submit to the will of the entity, unhappy he would he doing so but submits nonetheless.

    2. He would automatically accept the entity's grasp seeing just how much fear exists In this new place for him to feed on, and with such a F'ed sense of time he could feed endlessly but still not as much as the entity. The entity remains more powerful as the more afraid they are for pennywise to feed off the even more hopeless they are for the entity to feed from. Leaving the Entity always just out of the pennywise power ranges.

    3. This last one is a little more Complicated. We know Pennywise is an Interdimensional alien, however we have no Book, Film, Lore, or Author information about him being able to travel ON HIS OWN outside of the dimension. He just stays in the one dimension with the title Interdimensional because he HAS been in another one of steven kings shared multiverse for a short time. So the entity could see how pennywise works from his realm and easily decide to put pennywise in a pocket dimension kinda like he seemingly has to the Man in the library of the Archives. Kept in this seprate dimension where the time works the same as the rest of the realm the seconds are like years and the seconds add up. Eventually with some minor difficulties. The entity would break pennywise with the threat of Starvation. Keeping pennywise weak. When the entity broke him pennywise would agree and do a few trials to feed and gain strength where the entity would throw him into that pocket dimension again to make sure pennywise starved longer always feeding him enough to keep him alive but never letting him get strong enough to pose even the slightest bit of a threat.

    The entity is Obviously Omnipresent throughout the Multiverse as he drags the Horrors of all universes and the strong willed survivors from all universes after watching each universe as well as his own realm and other realms from the upside down to the dream realm to the spirit realm to the material plane etc. He is all knowing and seemingly all powerful.

    Pennywise is nothing compared to this Monster, this Puppetaster...

    This entity

  • killdekillde Member Posts: 53

    It seems that most killers were once human, that through a tragic experience became killers. Given that pennywise was always an inhuman demonic entity and never had a vulnerable past itself I don't think it fits.

  • Tim0157Tim0157 Member Posts: 4

    well there’s the demogorgon which was never human and never had a past self. At least pennywise has shown some fear and vulnerability. I think he fits more than the demogorgon.

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