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Looking for chill people to play with!

iconic_x3iconic_x3 Member Posts: 1
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Hey ya’ll! I’m looking for fun people with play SWF with. I’m 33/F from New York. I’m rank 12 right now if that matters. I don’t care what rank you are so feel free to add me on PS4!

No toxic players please

18+ is preferred

I have a mic, it’s okay if you don’t



  • banchyadbanchyad Member Posts: 2


    I am a 32/M, who is usually rank 8. (I haven't played much since rank reset, so I'm sitting at rank 13.)

    I'm not particularly concerned with my rank. I don't get upset very easily. I usually laugh, when I mess up. (I laugh at other people, when they mess up too, but not in a mean way.)

    I have a mic, and can play most nights.

    I will send you an invite.

    PSN: banchyad (Picture of Spider-Man)

  • drkhrtacedrkhrtace Member Posts: 2

    I actually just left a post. Will be adding u soon.

  • TouseyTousey Member Posts: 2

    Hey, I’m 18/F from London

    im currently rank 16 I just got back into playing this game, looking to play with a good squad

    i have a mic

    my PSN is: xTOUSEY

  • CleviteClevite Member Posts: 1,204

    We are looking to add to our SWF group and would love to play. We play most nights especially Friday and Saturday. I will send a Friend request. I play with my lady and daughter, and others as they have time. We like to play to survive and need some people that like to play as well.

  • CleviteClevite Member Posts: 1,204

    Same as above my friend. Ill send some friend requests if you still looking for some friends to play with. We are looking to have more consistent SWF

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