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I can’t help but feel disheartened that the perks that “replace” ruin will just get nerfed.

pemberleypemberley Member Posts: 1,510

Oh, Corrupt Intervention is being used in 70% of games now? Nerf it. Pop goes the weasel hinders survivors just a little bit? Destroy it. Noed is the new hex perk of choice because literally every other hex perk has a lot of risk and barely gets any traction after 30 seconds? Gut it.

Seriously, why play killer when survivors are much more relaxing and fun to play (AND you get to see your full outfit?) Why play killer when the very legitimate concerns are rather callously brushed off while it’s totally groovy that 4 people can bring multiple second chance perks, not to prevent tunneling, but to make the killer’s experience as miserable as they can?

I just don’t get it.



  • WaffleyumboyWaffleyumboy Member Posts: 7,306

    I don't remember them saying that.

  • meatisadelicacymeatisadelicacy Member Posts: 776

    If you think playing killer is stressful, like I've seen a few people say, stop playing the game. Games should be fun. The fact that you're worried about perks possibly being nerfed in the future is insane. If it's not fun, stop playing, and stop making drama where there is none.

  • LordGlintLordGlint Member Posts: 6,282

    I always try to look for sales, because 60 bucks for a game is expensive when your on a budget. One reason why I tend to stick with these "games as a service" games for so long is because typically you pay once, then get a years worth of enjoyment out of them.

  • FleshTorpedoFleshTorpedo Member Posts: 394

    They can and tend to be stressful, but there is still a fun element to the killer role/ however that fun element goes out the window when simply having a bad spawn location on certain maps compounded with bad generator/tile spawns means you are 3 gens down before you even get the first hook. I play way to much and enjoy sweaty games, what i do not like is when im left cold sweating because im caught with my pants down by factors outside of my control and because the dev's decided to push an unfinished balance patch out irregardless of gameplay. They said they have been working on a change to ruin since june or july 2019 and they honestly thought pushing out the change without balancing the underlying problem was going to make anyones experience better, be it survivor or killer. Thats just being willfully ignorant.

    That five or six months they have had to conceptualize, test, and implement a change to ruin in an attempt to balance the game, is enough time to address the underlying problem. By only balancing a temporary fix, ruin, they left the original problem and shoveled more issues on top simultaneously making gameplay less enjoyable for both survivors and killers. It is the same mentality as "fix it in post", they should have held the ruin portion of the patch until they finished the remainder of the balancing related to the problem. In all honesty it more likely came down to project managements call or lack of resources.

    Then there was their formal release of patch notes and reasoning behind it. One thing is for certain, BHVR needs to hire a communications specialist or at least send who ever wrote that release to a workshop. The bias, be it perceived or real is definite and only hindered their efforts for patch 3.5.0.

  • TWiXTTWiXT Member Posts: 1,254

    On the plus side... Iron Will being used in 76% of games? DS in 80%? Dead Hard in 67%? BT in 90%?... Gotta nerf those bad boys too!

    At least if they are nerfing based on hard usage statistics instead of bias towards any 1 side, then that's what we can expect in the future... otherwise, the dev's would be shooting themselves in the foot by alienating one side over the other, and in a game that doesn't work unless players actually want to play either side against each-other, that would be a death sentence.

    So unless they want this game to die on purpose... they'll have to play the neutral party when it comes to nerfs and buffs. This time around, it was more 1 sided than it has been in the past 4 updates, but I guess I have faith that the only reason they nerfed Ruin was because they needed to remove it as a factor in determining how strong survivors actually are, without its influence, in order to get accurate data. If not, and they only did it based upon its popularity, then... [BAD WORD]! ! That's so "incomprehensibly stupid" of a reason to make the change that it wouldn't be wrong for anyone to feel they did it on purpose just so that this game can die, allowing them to move onto their next project. For God's Sake, they just promoted the game HARD with the Stranger Things DLC release, which netted them a ton of new players, so there's LITERALLY no reason for them to do that! Any other reason would be a "Terminate-able" offense... In that whoever decided to go through with it/suggested it should be "Fired" on the spot!

    I want to give the devs the benefit of the doubt here, and believe that they aren't in any way, THAT STUPID. They've given up on updating or supporting Death Garden: Blood Harvest, and Dead By Daylight is the only other current project we know about... Their "Golden Goose" if you will. It would take a special kind of charismatic moron to convince them to KILL their "Golden Goose" without a solid backup plan. Being that their other project fell through... That's highly unlikely.

    Yeah, its gonna be a rough few weeks/months while they collect their data on gen speeds, and the reason so many killers defaulted to using old Ruin as a counter, but in the end... I'm hoping that it will prove to them that the killer mains were right, and make decisions to help balance the game for the better.

  • RWoodrowRWoodrow Member Posts: 267

    I'm not worried or disheartened by any balance changes BHVR decides to make in DbD going forward. I mean, they have shown that they know how to balance an online multiplayer game in such a way that it breathes new life into it.

    Just look at the jump in numbers Deathgarden got in November. It hadn't drawn numbers that large since it's launch.

    I am confident that the balance changes they plan to make will have a similar outcome here. After all, applying nerfs to the power role while buffing the team based roles is, in part, one of the things that positioned that game for the upswing in numbers that game saw in November.

    I am also confident that they will share statistical information that proves that there is nothing wrong with the games health and that it is growing so that we can all feel confident that buying the latest skin or rift pass is a wise decision. Remember, those numbers are to always be taken with a grain of salt until the day comes they need them to support another, conflicting narrative though.

    Let's all stop talking about game problems and go buy the new Rat skin for Legion (only 1080 cells! Such value!).

    And always remember, those who pay no mind to the past are often doomed to repeat it over and over again.

  • LordGlintLordGlint Member Posts: 6,282

    No, but ive heard of it. I dont wanna buy abunch of games atm though, otherwise i'll just end up having abunch of half finished games again... I bought witcher 3 GOTY edition last night, so I have quite abit to play there with the DLC and all.

  • ZoneDymoZoneDymo Member Posts: 1,946

    you could also like, stop assuming so much...

    Did they nerf self care again just because its still used far more then any other survivor perk? no, because nobody has a problem with that perk now.

  • Supr3_AngelSupr3_Angel Member Posts: 22

    Well here’s my suggestion: NO killers = NO DBD you f#cking st#pid that’s why we play as killers, to kill those sc#ms trying to do gens and being toxic, no killers = no servers got it? Good! Any other s#upid question?

  • AsePlayerAsePlayer Member Posts: 1,800

    Actually the only perk close to the same usage as ruin is self care lol

  • Polychrome_BakuPolychrome_Baku Member Posts: 404
    edited January 26

    Which means they cover all ranks instead of just the people who know how to play. Which is why usage based changes are a flawed way of balancing in games that aren't strictly competitive like League of Legends. Especially when you decide to ignore the reason it was uses to focus on the "fun" of the team based role.

    If the devs don't want killers to stack gen slowing perks, survivors shouldn't be able to stack second chances either. Like the devs said in their little stream, "there's a lot of other perks out there!"

  • helix43helix43 Member Posts: 142

    It's not assuming. The devs said they're now looking into other slow down perks and how they synergise, which means dying light, sloppy, and thana are more than likely getting nerfed in the near future.

  • GhostofYharnamGhostofYharnam Member Posts: 597

    That game is easily in my top 5 along with the Mass Effect Trilogy

  • bgbombbgbomb Member Posts: 327

    They can't nerf me if i play monster hunter world ice land

  • AsePlayerAsePlayer Member Posts: 1,800

    They don't all give a second chance in the same situation. All regression perks regress

  • Swiftblade131Swiftblade131 Member Posts: 1,793
    edited January 26

    Of course they will

    1. It's taking away fun from survivors
    2. "It's getting overused"
    3. It's a killer perk
    4. eMbLeMs
    5. Play CIV

  • AlsendDrakeAlsendDrake Member Posts: 103

    I remember at one point they were like "Self Care is only used in like, 15-20% of games!" And then someone counted for awhile, and it looked like what they MEANT was "Self Care is only used in like, 15-20% of perk slots!" Or something.

  • dfrenchieedfrenchiee Member Posts: 325

    They’re killing their game and it’s honestly really sad to see.

  • LordGlintLordGlint Member Posts: 6,282

    If I thought it was god awful, I wouldnt have put in so many hours already. I remember finding out Dragon age wasnt for me pretty quickly and dropping the game after about 2 hours. I will say though... I mightve dropped the difficulty setting on The Witcher to something easier...

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