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Recent ruin nerfs made 70% of the killers unplayeable+ Rank system broken

Perhaps even more of that.

I have 1000 hours into this game and it is just extremely sad to see how it is now. Ive been rank 1 on both sides multiple times

Recently I bought Oni and demo because they looked fun. Well theyre both unplayeable now. Oni got fixed but with the current gen speed at high ranks(basically 3 gens for the first hook in general, at the very least 2 and then the game is usually over very soon) any killer thats kinda slow is unplayeable. Any trap killer, or killer with few map control. I wanted to play demo and try fun builds but thats not happening. Even with competitive builds most killers are just not playeable right now, if you want to get kills and/or pip.

And it just makes me super sad, and its the long run its guaranted to make the devs lose money and players.

Ruin was bad in the first place, all you had to do was adress the gen speed which somehow theyre still ignoring as this date. The old ruin was unfun for new survivors but was the only way to buy some time at high ranks.

I am tired of having to play Hillbilly,Nurse or Spirit if I want to do well at high ranks. I cant even play Huntress anymore which was my favourite killer

Not even mentionning the incredible toxicity, especially on survivor side(I play both side), when you get tbagged all game because they know they clearly have the power role

Again, I'm not a killer main, in fact for the last couple of weeks/months Ive been playing more survivor and it just disgust me to see my team mates tbag and b toxic all game because they have all the crutch perks like BT,DS and stuff like this. It's just getting out of hand.

On top of that, and yes, thats another topic, even playing solo survivor is not fun now. With the new rank system at least I didnt have to grind all the ranks again, but for what? Now that i'm rank 1 again, I get matched with 1-2 rank 15+ EVERY game. Whats the result of this? Well people stop soloQ(which I prefer) and start going SWF with coms, which is terrible for the game.

Currently, the game is in one of the worst state it ever has been, and unless devs are starting to wake up and make some massive changes(map designs, gen speed, swf) it's just going to get worse and worse.

I could make a list long like my arm of all the issues this game is facing currently but it wouldn't matter because the devs ignore everything that is linked to balance and prefer to be in another universe, as we've all seen in the last dev stream.



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