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As a Survivor Main(7.9k hrs) It'd say Ruin change is horrible

I understand Ruin change was made to make newer players have a less hard time to fix generators but goddamn low rank killers don't use ruin at all because they don't even have hag

I like old Ruin as a survivor main because before We needed to look for ruin or we take this long time fixing which frustrated me even back then but now... Like I only hold M1 Every. Single. Game...

Before I atleast would try to look for the ruin and it was more fun trying to focus and hit on those great skillchecks to not get ruin and now I just need to hold M1 and put just a little focus and hit it and then go back on my phone to view reddit

I'm saying this as a long time player:

pls bring back old ruin, it's not fun anymore to play survivor :/ just too easy now ...



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