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Allow players to play a trial version of a dlc character they do not own for rift

I personally think it's pretty dumb that they release a rift and include challenges in there for people who only own the particular dlc for those characters. While I understand they're not necessary to completing the rift and the characters are earnable for free, the latter method involves a lot of grinding which is just not possible for a majority of the fanbase or shelling out cash to buy a character.

This is especially unfair for to people who bought the premium pass to the rift as they're already paying money, now they have to give more to finish what they paid for?

Wouldn't a smart decision be to allow something like a trial version even just for people who own the premium pass to allow them to play a limited form of the dlc survivors for the challenges? Like just allow them to play the character with only their perks and only if they have a corresponding challenge unlocked. For people who don't own the characters, this would also be a good test run of the character to possibly entice them to want to buy it after actually having a chance to use them.


  • MarcavecuncMarcavecunc Member Posts: 987

    Sadly they're in it to make money. They did put the characters on sale at 30% off in the in-game store if you buy them with Auric cells, and their associated perks are in the shrine.

  • AstrianAstrian Member Posts: 39

    The dumb part is, allowing a trial version of the characters WOULD get them more money. Wouldn't you want to buy something you've already tried MORE than something you haven't?

  • MarcavecuncMarcavecunc Member Posts: 987

    There's trial offerings for licensed killers, and honestly it's trying them for free that made me buy them. They could add offerings for non licensed ones as well. But trials for survivors is a bit pointless, since all survivors play the same, especially considering the fact that the trial killers don't come equipped with anything so trial survivors would be just trying a new skin.

  • emptyCupsemptyCups Member Posts: 486

    Offerings do so for killers

  • MarcavecuncMarcavecunc Member Posts: 987

    But only for the licensed ones (Pig, Myers, Freddy and Leatherface.. and probably Ghostface, too, bought him when he came out so I never got the offering but I assume there's a Splinter for him as well)

  • emptyCupsemptyCups Member Posts: 486

    So what does everyone spend the piles of shards on ?

  • MarcavecuncMarcavecunc Member Posts: 987

    Me? Experience points and the occasional cosmetic.

    I used to spend them on characters (bought the Spirit and Doctor packs with shards, the rest with money) but since I have everything, I just wait for perks that show up for the first time for more experience points. (2700 shards for 250,000 points VS 2000 shards for 150,000 for perks that have been on there before.. so basically 35% more shards for 66% more points)

  • HellCatJaneHellCatJane Member Posts: 698

    Having a trial version isn't unheard of. They let you do this with the nightmare and the shape using splinter items.

    The challenges that I saw, expects you to have Jane, The doctor and The spirit.... That's a lot of free shards to earn for a casual-free player. (As they said they expect casual players to be able to complete this).

    Also, if I knew how a killer played and liked it, I would then be way more likely to buy it afterwards.

    Also, having to buy a character you already bought all their perks in the shrine hits hard..... because that's a lot of wasted shards now. AKA you could have saved a bit more and bought the character instead... But now you have to save all that up again to buy the character itself.....

  • FleshTorpedoFleshTorpedo Member Posts: 394

    Sadly? The [BAD WORD] kind of sentiment is that, of course they are in it to make money, they can not operate without cash flow. The characters that are in rift challenges are non-licensed and can be purchased with in-game currency. Furthermore the challenges are optional to complete the rift.They put the perks in the shrine for the same reason why the characters are non-licensed, so over the 70 day period when the rift is open, players who don't currently own the characters can acquire them via in-game currency or through real money transaction.

    Its not like they are charging you to play the base game nor the additional content added with the rift. If you are new to the game, you are joining a game four years into its post release cycle, without an influx of cash the game would not have the support it does now. You are going to have to grind or purchase the additional content to fully realize the endgame.

  • emptyCupsemptyCups Member Posts: 486

    Buy survivor perks on shrine

    By killers outright

    Once you have the survivor perks theres nothing else to the charater that cant be swapped on ur main. So it's pointless but killer powers are rooted to killers

    So it's a better set like that

  • FibijeanFibijean Member, Trusted Posts: 6,854

    People who bought the Rift pass knew what they were getting into. It's not like they preordered it before it was revealed that the Tome would feature some DLC-based challenges.

    Having said that, I do agree that this would be a good idea. I'm mostly concerned for players who can't afford to or don't want to buy the DLC characters or their perks for whatever reason. I think it would be good if players were given temporary access to the characters featured in the Tome, equipped with their unique perks, for the duration of the Rift. They could even allow players to invest bloodpoints into the characters, since this would make them more likely to want to purchase the characters permanently after the Rift closes.

  • emptyCupsemptyCups Member Posts: 486

    For a years old game buying a dlc every once an a while really isnt alot to ask.

    Actually on ps4 I got the game for free so I still haven't spent 60 yet

    been on 100's of hours around 1300ish

    Shovel a driveway or mow a lawn...actually you can literally beg strangers for a day and make enough for a dlc especially if your a kid

  • FleshTorpedoFleshTorpedo Member Posts: 394

    150,000 bloodpoints is less then an hour of grinding playing killer running only BBQ, no offerings. Typically 4 matches an hour at roughly 600 exp per match, taking 4200xp for 300 shards at max shard per level. Meaning it takes over 11 hours of grinding to earn 2000 shards, while it takes less then an hour to earn 150,000 bloodpoints. Its a built in gold sink.

  • MarcavecuncMarcavecunc Member Posts: 987

    Oh, I'm aware. There just really aren't any interesting enough cosmetics to buy with the shards, so I use them to get bloodpoints for when I prestige someone, to get a bit over a million to spend on them. I use the default outfits for most of the survivors, I did spend shards on Jeff and Feng outfits though. As for killers, I only paid for the World War Nurse outfit since it looks nice, the rest, I either use the default ones, prestige ones, or some of the free ones from the rift (or a mix of all that)

  • FreshwickFreshwick Member Posts: 32
    edited January 27

    You parted out the character, earning access to the perks earlier without saving up the 9000 shards for the complete dlc.

    I purchased all of the spirit perks from the shrine last year but I also bought the shattered bloodline dlc pack a few weeks ago for $7.99 because it really isn't that expensive.

    There is honestly no reason for a survivor splinter because survivors have no powers. The splinter would just be a perkless teammate and a handicap to the other 3 players on your team.

    The "play before you purchase" argument isn't that strong either as every character and cosmetic is available to preview in the store.

    And whatever currency is spent on the rift is basically returned to you by completing the rift gradually.. leaving you more than enough coin's to purchase Jane before the rift comes to a close ✌

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