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Impossible for new killers

I played +1.200 hours as survivor, since almost 3 years ago. Recently, due to The Archive, I started playing killer.

In Tome 1 I could achieve some things, a lot of other don't, but was a nice semi-balanced experience, even tho with the matchmaking problem.

Now is almost impossible to do it right as killer. Matchmacking is even worst than ever, after more than 10 and even 15 minutes, pair me with US people (I'm from Spain, wich is Europe, not Mexico) with a crazy lag, people disappears in front of my eyes in the chases. Pairing me with people in ranks 6, 8, (I'm rank 20), a lot of them SWF super well coordinated.

In my last match, I hook a sv on the 2nd minute, well, one minute after there was only 2 gens left, then they looped me and didn't let me play blinding me over and over again and game ended in 5 minutes of frustration and madness. This is not an enjoyable game anymore. At least before I had some extra time thanks to Ruin, wich was able to ballance my lack of skills as killer against that pleiad of flawless survivors on lower ranks.


  • konchokkonchok Member Posts: 210

    You're a brand new killer. It's going to take a bit of time for you to do well. When I was first getting into killer, I'd measure how well I did not by the number of deaths but the number of hooks. If I got 2 hooks this game, my next game I was going to get 3 hooks or more. Eventually you'll improve and get kills too.

  • MarcavecuncMarcavecunc Member Posts: 987

    Heck, with some killers, it's just how many hits you can actually get. I remember when I first started playing Nurse and Huntress, I hated it because I couldn't land a hit with their powers.. Haven't played Nurse in a while since I've been leveling other killers, but I've become a decent enough Huntress over time.. I still miss easy hatchet throws and sometimes hit good ones.

    But yeah.. the challenges are supposed to be at least a bit challenging, you need some knowledge of the game to do them all.. Same for survivor ones. Someone who plays killer 100% of the time trying to do the survivor ones might have a hard time at it because it's out of their comfort zone..

    As someone who plays both sides, I feel Tome 2's challenges are well balanced enough. There were a few more bullshit ones in Tome 1 (2 noed sacrifices during collapse and 4 basement sacrifices in one game) but in general they were fair and challenging enough without feeling like too much of a chore.

  • onarkonark Member Posts: 92

    Do you think this is right? Well, I had enough

  • LetsPlayTogetherLetsPlayTogether Member Posts: 1,037

    Playing killer at lowranks is so damn easy. If you arent able to do well in this ranks you just Lack skill. How about getting better instead of complaining?

  • TragicSolitudeTragicSolitude Member Posts: 2,160

    But with broken matchmaking, killers in low ranks are getting matched against survivors way out of their league. See the screenshot above your post for an example.

  • OicimauOicimau Member Posts: 552

    Just keep on playing as killer and will get better at it. Neither roles are easy to master, basically you are in a new game when changing roles. The advantage is that you know pretty well as survs think and can use it to enhance you progress.

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