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THE LEGION changes

Add-on changes
  • Smiley Face Pin: Hitting a Survivor while in Feral Frenzy applies the Exhausted Status Effect for 75 second.
  • Friendship Bracelet: Added a Feral Frenzy speed 0.5m/s and Terror Radius 4 meters.
  • Never-Sleep Pills: Added a Feral Frenzy speed 0.7m/s and Terror Radius 8 meters.
  • Mural Sketch: Increased added Feral Frenzy duration from 1.5 seconds to 3 seconds.
  • Julie's Mix Tape: Increased Feral Frenzy fatigue duration by 0.5s, down from 0.2s.
  • Defaced Smiley Pin: Hitting a Survivor while in Feral Frenzy applies the Broken Status Effect for 75 second.
  • The Legion Pin: Hitting a Survivor while in Feral Frenzy applies the Oblivious Status Effect for 75 second.
  • Susie's Mix Tape: Added a Feral Frenzy speed 1.0m/s and Terror Radius 16 meters.
  • Stolen Sketch Book: Increased added Feral Frenzy duration from 2.4 seconds to 5 seconds.
  • Nasty Blade: Increased added mend time to 4 seconds from 1.5 seconds.
  • Joey's Mix Tape: Increased Feral Frenzy fatigue duration by 0.7s, down from 0.4s.
  • Frank's Mix Tape: Added a 90 second Mangled status effect when Feral Frenzy hitting a Survivor with, Moderately decreases Repair speed of Survivors injured by the Feral Frenzy.
  • Filthy Blade: Increased added mend time to 8 seconds from 2.5 seconds.
  • Cold Dirt: Increased Feral Frenzy fatigue duration by 0.9s, down from 0.6s.
  • Fuming Mix Tape: Changed to Tremendously increase the amount of damage applied on Survivor's Deep Wound timer when attacking Feral Frenzy. (3 Feral Frenzy hits are required to down a Survivor.)
Gameplay changes
  • Feral Frenzy move speed is now 5.0 m/s.
  • Feral Frenzy attack is now a basic attack.
  • Feral Frenzy now has the right to miss once.
  • The Legion now moves at the Killer speed 4.4 m/s.
  • Reduced the Legion's terror radius to 28 meters, from 32 meters.
  • Feral Frenzy will no longer have a black frame when entering cool-down.
  • Unless Feral Frenzy performs an attack, he can now see scratches and blood.
  • If Feral Frenzy hits someone with Deep Wound again, the cool-down drops to 3 seconds.
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  • RasinbranRasinbran Member Posts: 215

    So basically you want scratch marks during frenzy?

  • RasinbranRasinbran Member Posts: 215

    Oh yeah that could work. But they need more power in general. All they have is tracking and barely any mobility.

  • Raven9Raven9 Member Posts: 298

    I made decisions, reinforced and that is the result. I didn't want to overdo it.

  • Raven9Raven9 Member Posts: 298
  • RasinbranRasinbran Member Posts: 215

    I feel like they should have more mobility that'll help alot. I know they nerfed their speed in frenzy as well as the add ons but they should get it back and then some.

    The issue was that they can just down a survivor in 4 hits (can't remember the actual number) without counter play.

  • Raven9Raven9 Member Posts: 298

    I noticed that I made a typo in a small place.

    • Loyalty text changed to Deviousness
  • Raven9Raven9 Member Posts: 298

    Text Correction

    • The effect continues until the deep wound heals text changed to The duration of the effect pauses until the deep wound heals.
  • Raven9Raven9 Member Posts: 298
    edited January 27


    • Since the values ​​were given a little more than Feral Frenzy power, I adjusted the values ​​again. (Movement Speed)
  • Raven9Raven9 Member Posts: 298


    • I lowered the movement speeds by 0.2 as add-on.
    • Fuming Mix Tape I removed the cooling penalty in the plugin and it can stack up. Since a killer can only use 2 plugins, I don't think this will be a problem.


    • LEGION RELATED ISSUES I added the section.
  • Raven9Raven9 Member Posts: 298


    • The title has been updated.
    • Texts were checked again.
    • The information has been revised and uptade.
  • XRuecianXRuecian Member Posts: 118

    They can't make feral frenzy's attack a basic attack. As much as you would like it for getting things like STBFL stacks, it would simply be completely broken when paired with Devour Hope or NOED.

    I disagree that he should be able to see scratches or blood when in feral frenzy. The idea of his power is that legion is in such a bloodthirsty state that they cannot focus enough to notice the recent disturbances of survivors. Legion trades perception for speed.

    I also disagree that he should be able to miss once. You should be rewarded for using his power well, and survivors should be rewarded for countering it well. You have to leave room for survivors to counterplay if they are good enough. It is already hard enough for them to dodge one hit, but to ask them to have to dodge two in order to counter him? Thats extremely difficult.

    You fail to fix any of the problems with your rework here that are keeping legion back right now. Legions main problem right now is not his Feral Frenzy. His killer power does exactly what it was built to do VERY WELL. He is quite possibly the most effective killer in the game at getting all of the survivors primed to die.The thing that makes legion a weaker killer is that he has nothing AFTER using feral frenzy to threaten survivors in any way. Ghostface also primes people to die, except he has stealth to go along with this ability. Myers also primes targets, but he has speed to go along with this ability. Plague has the same ability, but has range to go along with it. Legion on the other hand, has nothing.

    By slowing his base movespeed to 4.4 you would make him even weaker with this rework.

    What legion needs is a way to still be useful and scary even after feral frenzy is used up. He should have his terror radius outside of feral frenzy reduced to like 20-24m, to give him some stealth and allow him to potentially catch some of the survivors he injured earlier with his power. (I honestly think this alone would bring him up at least an entire tier in effectiveness.)

    A lot of your addons are bad ideas. You basically nerfed all his base stats and put too much of his power into addons with this rework which would simply make him super addon-dependant and extra weak without specific addons. And nobody likes playing a killer that NEEDS specific addons to be viable. This is the same problem wraith and trapper has.

    Your "The Legion Pin" addon idea is way way too powerful. 75 seconds of oblivious would have to be an iridescent addon, same goes with your Smiley Face Pin, 75 seconds of exhaustion is too strong for a power that almost guarantees a hit. That being said, i don't think the idea of these debuffs is bad. But 75 seconds would be overwhelming and it would allow legion to keep an entire squad of survivors permanently oblivious or exhausted. If you were to lower the duration down to like 20-30 seconds, it would be decent enough to allow him to have some 1v1 potential, without just destroying an entire survivor teams information/perks.

    I think you are focusing on the wrong areas to buff legion. Rather than focusing on changing feral frenzy, you should see if you can find other ways to make him shine. Perhaps a new secondary ability or something to give him a little more edge when his frenzy is down. Killers like Freddy and Demogorgon have two powers, it wouldn't be unreasonable for Legion to get a second little something as well. Maybe some passive like: for each injured survivor in the game, Legion gets 1.25% faster, so if he has 4 injured, he is 5% faster, or for each injured survivor, it reduces the time it takes for him to enter bloodlust by 2.5 seconds.

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