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How does this sound for a fair rework of DS and BT?

So I have noticed that some survivors (red ranks...mostly SWFs) will abuse Decisive Strike and Borrowed Time. They will not be followed off hook and around 30-45 secs later come back to protect a friend from getting downed just to get picked up and DS the killer and waste their time (this is against the intended design of the perk...its suppose to prevent direct tunnel) SO I recommend that with DS once unhooked if survivor is not chased and once out of killer terror radius the perk deactivates after 30 secs

Now with Borrowed Time I think there should be a cooldown with it...because IMO recusing a hooked survivor INTENTIONALLY in front of killer seems like its against the design as well...I see this perk abused all the time. Perhaps a 60 sec cooldown would make it more balanced?


DS= Rework as tunnel perk only 

BT= add cooldown 


  • Colton147Colton147 Member Posts: 525


  • danph7danph7 Member Posts: 24

    well thats not really "fair" is it? Lol

  • CheersTCCheersTC Member Posts: 2,257

    They also need a rework, although they do counter dis

  • danph7danph7 Member Posts: 24

    meh moris are fine as long as black lock keys exist...its the same thing

  • ZoneDymoZoneDymo Member Posts: 1,946

    just make it so you cant mori until they would be on Death Hook and its fine, I think we all like mori's honestly, it fits the theme, has a cool animation.

    Just make it a bit more fair like I just said, give the survivor some extra points for pleasing the entity with a spectacular death and hell maybe even add Cypress Mori to the default game where it only works provided the death hook on the last remaing character has been reached.

    To OP, im not sure this is the solution but yeah DS and BT need to be looked at, they are rediculous perks that the killer can do nothing against.

    Down someone at the exit gate, great, pick them up and they DS and run out, leave them for 60 seconds and they will just crawl out, nothing you can do as killer.

    Or, have the gates be open, one survivor runs in an unhooks the person, BT takes a hit and they just leave, again, nothign you can do really.

  • danph7danph7 Member Posts: 24

    that defeats the purpose of moris...its to elimnate someone from the equaltion quickly. Just like how you get get a certain amount of gens done the hatch spawns and you can use a key to escape...whats the point of mori on the last hook if they are dead on the last hook...why not just make it mori by default then. i think moris are fine...they dont show up on the bloodweb that often. Survivors have more than enough second chance perks...and I play Rank 3 survivor (been rank 1) and I am rank 1 killer.

  • AngryFluffyAngryFluffy Member Posts: 363

    I think both perks are fine. You just get affected by BT if you hit the unhooked. Easy counter: don't hit the unhooked, or wait for 15 seconds. Also DS has counterplay. I rarely have problems with both perks as killer and as survivor I ven stopped using DS because 90% of all games it is a wasted perk slot. I get to use it in maybe 1 out of 10 matches, which means in 90% of my matches I basically played with 3 perks. I don't think a perk which gets activated in 10% of all matches needs a nerf.

    I think we should let the perks be how they are now and instead buff the weaker killers and useless killer perks. That would help a lit more imo.

  • ZoneDymoZoneDymo Member Posts: 1,946

    Well maybe hte purpose needs to be changed then?

    Not to mention it can be quicky to kill someone right infront of you on the floor then taking them to a hook and you save that hook for later so advantages are still there.

    What is the point of a mori on the last hook? well its just a choice, if you like mori's you do a mori, I know I would, great way to end the match.

  • danph7danph7 Member Posts: 24

    well at red rank it doesnt work like that at all. BT is not about hitting the unhook its about it not being spammed

    also DS doesnt really have counterplay outside of unnerving which most can still hit.

  • ArtickArtick Member Posts: 34

    Why killer mains always use the word "abusing" to reffer to "survivors using their perks"?

  • danph7danph7 Member Posts: 24

    thats not what i meant by that. I was saying your idea of making it so moris dont work until the very last hook defeats the entire purpose of them. if you have to wait until the last hook just to be able to mori it takes all the purpose out of it even being needed in the game...it would just default to last hook = hook or mori...which is pointless to have the offering.

    thats like saying black lock keys should unlock the hatch until every gen is done OR even on the last survivor make it so it has a progress bar...see? defeats the purpose of them...they are ultra rare and are suppose to be massive game changers. they are fine the way they are...moris and black locks should stay the same

  • danph7danph7 Member Posts: 24

    did you read anything I said other than the title? Lol...I am a RANK 3 survivor and RANK 1 killer. I play BOTH sides equally. So unlike mains I only suggest what is fair and conducive to make playing on both sides enjoyable. The problem with mains is they always think they are being attacked and something is being took away from them. You kinda sound like a survivor main...aint gonna lie

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