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I didnt like to use ruin before. Now, i kinda like to use it.

Yes! I didnt like to use ruin before. Now, i kinda like to use it. Maybe as i aways thought "i dont need to stall the game cause ill get then before the 5 gens or i must get better"... and so i released that perk slot for other builds and had more freedon to explore options that would make me "get then faster" instead of "stalling the game".

But now, ruin is viable and more fun to use. I dont need to kick the gens and can go on with the chase right away! That has more offensive consequences, nevertheless stills a defensive perk in its effects.

But i prefer to use Devour Hope when i have it... given my agressive and not defensive gameplay as killer. The same reason i dont use NOED if have other metas: i dont suppose the survivors will make it to the last gen, ill get then before that.

And so is my style as survivor: i dont suppose ill get caught, so no DS, and stuff like that, wich are defensives. I use SC (the only one that assumes the killer can hit me), Spine Chill (great map awareness when the killer is around and counterplay against no terror radius killers), Distortion (a great detection perk for knowing when the killer can read you aura and making better decisions based on that to avoid him), and the fourth perk, which is variable to tune a specific tatic for the next match.

But, well, back to the Ruin, its better than before, imho. With old Ruin there were genrushes anyway, with great players doing great skill checks all the time, plus gentapping, plus waiting after a normal skill check to go again avoiding big returns, etc.

But... stills a stalling perk, so, not a meta for me, as I said before.

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