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The differences I've noticed between PC and Console

I've been playing on Xbox since release but just recently switched to PC.

Here are some things I've noticed.

Matchmaking. PC I'm a rank 6 and the endgame ranks are a rainbow. Xbox is also broken but it's usually all red rank and the killer is purple.

Killers are better on PC. That mouse and keyboard man, really makes a difference.

And finally salt.

Maybe it's cuz chatting is easier endgame then personally messaging everyone on console, but holy cow chill.

I'll send the killer a fat GG in chat even if the game sucked and I got destroyed. But the baby of the ranks is always the loudest this includes survivor or killer.

Anyways stay chill


  • JawsIsTheNextKillerJawsIsTheNextKiller Member Posts: 3,116

    How are survivors different? SWF with comms is built in on console so I would expect generally more SWFs to be communicating. PC owners have a lot of messing with 3rd party apps so it is a lot more effort.

    I've heard that 360s are more difficult on PC too.

  • saminationsamination Member Posts: 312

    It's exactly the same. I've had Nurse's on Switch seem like they were straight from Steam. Also, I like there is no chat box period on consoles. I just make it so strangers can't message me.

  • ChiTenshiChiTenshi Member Posts: 877

    "Killers are better on PC. That mouse and keyboard man, really makes a difference."

    This causes so many divides on Killer performance is gives BHVR headaches.

    Best example is the most recent Spirit changes (removed her collision whilst phasing). She was Over-performing on PC but not on Console, and many players did not know this when trying to debate with one another in the forums.

  • VaJayblesVaJaybles Member Posts: 626

    Yes comms is easier but if you inv a random they more than likely won't join. I also don't join if someone invites me but that's because I'm a recluse.

    I wouldn't say console is the same unless you mess with your settings to get rid of chat boxes.

    I actually switched from console to PC for the chat boxes. It's nice to send a killer a GG and if there's salt it's only for a certain duration. On Xbox if you bum someone out it's spam until block, sometimes insert smurf for more spam (this is rare) now granted I've only been on PC for 3 days but killers have been nicer in chat even if camped or tunneled.

  • VaJayblesVaJaybles Member Posts: 626

    I knew before switching that the sensitivity settings are different too but actually playing and watching a killer flick a 180 was mind blowing it mad me ugly laugh.

  • WaffleyumboyWaffleyumboy Member Posts: 7,318

    Games on console last longer I hear.

  • VaJayblesVaJaybles Member Posts: 626

    I haven't noticed that. Maybe if everyone is a blendette with urban and spinechill then yes, but I can't really say because I never know what rank I'm playing with and against on PC. Xbox you can assume it's going to be purple or red. Like I said not as broken

  • ThiccDoc23ThiccDoc23 Member Posts: 8

    Difference on console is that people suck at communicating.

  • StuMacherStuMacher Member Posts: 75

    Skill checks were significantly harder on Xbox. Ruin skill checks were impossible to hit. I understand why it caused headaches for new players on Xbox. I used to just call the game a loss when I saw it used and just run around. PC players don't have that excuse. I play PC now with a controller from time to time and skill checks are harder as well.

    More wraith, trapper and doctor (free on Xbox). Few DLC killers in my brown to green experience for the few months on there.

    Matchmaking times on Xbox for killer were 10 minutes as well. Never played killer much until moving to PC. I play wherever matchmaking times are the shortest.

  • VaJayblesVaJaybles Member Posts: 626
    edited January 2020

    See ruin was never a big deal since hag is included with Xbox, so upon its release I always dealt with it. Heck I'd even keep ruin up just to destroy it after all gens popped . The thing is it's just something that needed to be learned, and would eventually be no issue.

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