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How do i counter oni if im running no mither (or using the perk Lucky Break)??

TheLegendDyl4n1TheLegendDyl4n1 Member Posts: 1,493
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My main problem with it, and how to possibly fix it

  • Legit he always has a way to find me by following the red orb road?????? i feel the only way to fix this is to make it so if you have no mither you dont drop blood orbs because lore wise its right because in the definition of no mither it says "You are affected by the  for the duration of the Trial. Your thick blood coagulates practically instantly." so i feel it shouldn't let you generate blood orbs.

Other perks that counter other killers

  • it's kind of like how like calm spirit is a counter to the doctor because you never scream no matter what, he might know your in the general area of him if he sees he got bp for madness tier up(when he uses his static blast ability), but other than that it is a really good counter to him because you can still drop pallets and vault windows if you are using it.
  • Another great counter is Iron Will against Spirits, After Spirits hit a survivor they tend to listen for grunt pains but thi is hard countered by Iron Will, now Iron Will might be a good counter for all killers but not as hard as it is for spirit.

Possible way to allow oni's to still get blood from people running no mither

  • Maybe as a way to still allow No Mither not to be such a big counter to oni they could make it to where if you hit someone with No Mither then it's like hitting a health survivor, where you get blood from it. since your blood is so thick and hasn't been falling out of you even though your injured.

The oni's add-on "Renjiro's bloody glove"

  • I am grateful that if the oni is using the add-on that has survivors absorb blood orbs he sees your aura for 2 seconds that i can't absorb the orbs, but that makes no sense, i feel i shouldn't generate orbs but with that add-on be able to absorb them from other survivors.

my usual survivor build

  • I legit put my team at a huge disadvantage when verseing a oni for it, and dont say just dont run no mither because i like it, my usual build nowadays is No Mither, Resilience, Dead Hard, and Spine Chill. Please change this for a quality of life change for people like me who run no mither.

message for the mods

  • P.S. please dont move this post to the feedback and suggestions because i am trying to have a general discussion with other people, i dont see mods moving discussions out of general if its talking about ruin changes or something similar that they dont like


  • What are everyones thoughts? should this be aloud? any other possible ways to solve this problem?


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