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Skill Based Matchmaking Coming to DBD?

If this is the case, I’m not sure how I feel. On one hand, I’m sure and hopeful that it will help matchmaking times and balance (with respect to skill levels), but on the other I feel as though that every match will become a sweat-fest like other games have with SBMM and there won’t be (or it will at least be rare) to have a chill game.

How do you guys feel about it?


  • Colton147Colton147 Member Posts: 523

    Games will probably become even more killer-sided. 😎

  • Financial_StabilityFinancial_Stability Member Posts: 458

    They've never given us what the parameters for it are, so whether it's skill-based is entirely unknown.

  • emptyCupsemptyCups Member Posts: 1,260

    So elo scores ?

  • emptyCupsemptyCups Member Posts: 1,260

    In the future, we would like to extend this system to support different ratings for each killer, 

    Interesting... very INTERESTING

    But how are they gonna do with the switch once I'm in lobby tho.... because if I see a flashlight team in im flicking from my lvl15 wraith to my lvl 3000 doc instantly

    Or a medkit team is getting plagued. Yknow ?

  • Falkner09Falkner09 Member Posts: 269

    No it isn't. They're just lying. they claim a "hidden" skill level will be recorded, but there's no reason for it to be hidden, especially from the player. They know they'll never fix ranked matchmaking as long as the game is absurdly unbalanced, and rather than balance it, they just design the game to please the new survivor masses, then lie about the matchmaking. as if hiding rank is going to make killers stay.

    Note to devs: rank is secondary at best. the main issue for killers leaving is whether killers were enjoying the game to begin with, not whether the numbers next to usernames match afterwards.

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