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  • geofu098geofu098 Member Posts: 16

    It's fixed for me :o

  • LofepramineLofepramine Member Posts: 168

    Did you do anything specific?

    I still have it after every match...

  • TZeroTZero Member Posts: 3

    same thing was happened on me after 3.5.0 update

  • FroschbartFroschbart Member Posts: 6
    edited January 2020

    Same thing happens to me but there are two different kinds of bugs:

    One is giving me the Rank Update Error. This still gives me progress in the rift.

    The other one is an Error 401 which does not give me progress in the rift.

    This makes me strongly reconsider buying the battle pass this time as a majority of matches leaves me without progress.

    I am playing on PC.

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  • Flambo007Flambo007 Member Posts: 19

    I hope this is adressed in the upcoming hotfix. Theres literally no reason to play this game right now for me, and the devs dont even acknowledge the problem.

  • Lupin_96Lupin_96 Member Posts: 2

    I have had this game for about 2 years now and after the 3.5.0. patch this bug appeared. Out of 8/10 games this message comes up. I hope they will fix it...

  • geofu098geofu098 Member Posts: 16

    Now it's back :( It was gone for one day and now it's back

  • seffardseffard Member Posts: 38
    edited January 2020

    The RANK UPDATE ERROR has been happening to me almost every match that pips since the last update, so I rarely pip and if I dont the error doesnt show up. Although I dont care much about ranking up, Id like to see the results better and interact with chat at the end. I have noticed that the results show zero points for the killer when it pops(not because of a dc on purpose, but the bug on my end).

    Have my log file, but I guess it will be in vain since this is JUST a very old and ignored game-breaking issue. And yea, I was thinking about buying dlcs and stuff during the Steam sale, but not anymore. I imagine how brutal for experience and bad game advertisement it'd be if this happened to a big dbd streamer.

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  • _Nickan_Nickan Member Posts: 2
    edited January 2020

    The same issue is happening to me in every game. It's really frustrating to finish a wonderful match and not rank up due to a bug. As I'm aware of, this issue has been happening since july 2019 and yet, no fix. I only have 50 hours played and I'm really considering quitting the game. That's a real big problem and should have been fixed ages ago. Can you image any other game, bigger and more popular, with a bugged rank system for months? I'm baffled.

  • DeceptikaDeceptika Member Posts: 2

    Used to be a sporadic problem for me. This weeks patch made it an *every game* problem. No point in playing when de-pipping is the only direction I can go.

  • MorphonMorphon Member Posts: 3

    I never had this problem before but after the last patch I get it after every game. It is so annoying

  • FroschbartFroschbart Member Posts: 6

    Rank Update Error and Error 401 are both still happening in 3.5.1.

  • BuzzaragBuzzarag Member Posts: 3

    Rank Update Error here too soooo will they fix it within this year or....

  • radwulfradwulf Member Posts: 109

    I have the same issue since doc rework. (keep in mind i had the same issue from Plague launch to Demogorgon launch) also i was having this issue on PTB (again since Doc rework on PTB)

  • oZombraoZombra Member Posts: 3

    I don't know if it was something from the Devs, or the things I tested, Well, I tested turning off Cross-Play (looking for a match) and turning it on again, I don't know if this has to do with the bug, or if it was coincidence, but the Most of my matches, almost total, this error doesn't happen anymore. stay there, for you to test. Good Luck.

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