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Killers have gotten more nerfs than survivors and it’s a fact

- removed the ability to be able to prevent the unhook prompt from popping up by standing in front of a hooked survivor (since you listed the fixing of an exploit as a "nerf", that's what I'm doing right here aswell)*

- buffed pallets from the stun happening at the middle of the pallet drop animation to the start of the animation

- the ammount of pallets have been increasing each time shortly after they supposedly made less pallets spawn on the maps

- Nerfed bloodlust (3 times)

- increased the hook timer by 15 seconds per stage

- Removed the ability to be able to bypass borrowed time with insta down mechanics*

- removed the ability to be able to consume decisive strike without it having any effect on the killer when dropped*

- Made it harder to rank up for killers with the victory cube

- nerfed the ivory and ebony memento mori offerings

- Changed the killer's fov to make it harder to see survivors at a very close range*

- Changed the scratch marks to in many instances not accurately represent where the survivor ran off to*

- Changed the sound occlusion multiple times to make it harder for killers to hear where survivors are*

- buffed mist (offerings) making it harder for killers to find survivors

- added indicators for survivors to tell them when certain hex perks are being used

- increased the (default) duration of the stun after wiggling out

- Increased the wiggle penalty for dropping survivors from 25% to 33%.

- reduced the size of the target lock-on hitbox of survivors

- added the ability for survivors to be able to enter the hatch from all angles

- removed the killer's ability to be able to see survivors on hooks

- added that the killer blocks the aura of the hooked survivor when the killer stands or moves in front of the hooked survivor from the point of view of a survivor looking at the hooked survivor*

- removed the ability to be able to use items that belonged to other killers (i.e. myers with a chainsaw etc.)*

- added tiles in which there are areas which are unsurpassable for killers, but passable for survivors (the so called "fat shaming" spots)*

- increased the angle from which you can blind killers

- introduced pallets which can be broken from only 1 side*

- introduced pallets which are standing upright that cannot be passed or broken by the killer until a survivor performs the "drop pallet" animation*

- increased the range from which killers can be stunned with a pallet drop

- added the pallet vacuum for survivors

- changed the combine harvesters on coldwind farms to be more survivor sided (twice)

- removed the killer's ability to be able to fly*

- reduced the ammount of crows that spawn on the map

- changed the way survivors interact with crows by making it so that when a survivor crouches near a crow it will not alert the crow

- removed the ability to be able to earn bloodpoints from hitting a survivor that is on a hook*

- reduced the ammount of information that is available to the killer about the survivors in the pre-game lobby

- reduced the overall skillcheck chances of survivors working on generators which decreases the overall effectiveness of perks which affect skillchecks

- Removed the 3 O'clock skillchecks which decreases the overall effectiveness of perks which affect skillchecks

- Made it so that survivors can blind and force the killer to drop the survivor they were picking up during the pickup animation (twice)

- Removed the ability to have no cooldown when you hit a survivor right next to an object*

- Removed the ability to be able to reduce the effects from wiggling by hitting a wall while carrying a survivor*

- Removed the ability to be able to push survivors away from hooks

- Nerfed the mangled status effect from 25% to 20%

- Removed the ability to be able to grab someone trying to jump into the hatch

- Changed the time it takes to open an exit gate from 20 seconds to 15 seconds

- Removed the ability to be able to block survivors at the basement stairs.

- Killers do not see the Deep Wound status effect progress timer; only the Deep Wound bar to know the status effect has been applied.

- The Deep Wound status effect timer does not decrease when within the Killers terror radius.

- Lockers negate all aura reading abilities from the killer


- nerfed shadowborn (twice)

- nerfed spies from the shadows (spies from the shadows did not work at all for a long period of time)*

- nerfed bloodhound

- nerfed No one escapes death (twice)

- nerfed Play with your food

- nerfed Save the best for last

- nerfed unrelenting

- nerfed thrill of the hunt

- nerfed iron grasp (twice)

- nerfed brutal strength

- nerfed deerstalker

- nerfed a nurse's calling

- nerfed franklin's demise

- nerfed sloppy butcher

- nerfed thanataphobia twice (one of which was a bug relating to removing dead survivors affecting the living*)

- nerfed knock out (made open handed affect it)

- nerfed whispers (increased the volume of the whispers to make it harder to hear survivors)*

- nerfed tinkerer

- nerfed remember me

- nerfed enduring


- removed the ability to be able to trap hooks

- increased the minimal distance at which the trapper can place a trap next to another one

- changed honing stone from putting someone into the dying state guarranteed, to having a mere 50% chance of putting a survivor into the dying state after having been caught in a trap

- shadownerfed the size of the hit box of the trapper's traps several times

- changed the setting trap indicator to no longer match where the trapper actually sets his traps (twice)*

- removed the trapper's ability to be able to place traps on the hatch

- decreased the time it takes to disable a trap from 5 seconds to 2 seconds

- removed the ability to be able to set traps through staircases and certain floors*

- changed the trapper's traps to get stuck into walls or other objects when the traps were disabled or the killer would grab someone out of a trap near a wall or object*


- increased the duration of the stun when bumping into an object

- removed the ability to flick*

- removed bloodlust from when using his chainsaw*

- reduced the effectiveness of the addons which reduce the volume of the chainsaw

- increased the cooldown on the hillbilly's chainsaw

- removed the ability to be able to instantly break a pallet with the hillbilly's chainsaw within a 3 second window when the hillbilly had revved up his chainsaw and afterwards didn't hit anything at any given point after the last time he broke a pallet*

- removed the hillbilly's ability to be able to put a survivor into the dying state while simultaneously breaking a pallet when a survivor slides over a pallet as the pallet is being chainsawed*


- added an increased cloaking time on the windstorm addons (white and blood)

- increased the rarity of the blink (previously mud, now blood) addon without changing it's qualities

- removed the ability to be able to gain deviousness points by cloaking and decloaking in front of a hooked survivor*

- removed the ability to be able to appear as cloaked for survivors while not being cloaked*


- reduced the ammount of default blinks from 3 to 2

- reduced the nurse's movement speed from being the same as trapper, wraith, hillbilly etc. to being even slower than the movement speed of survivors (while running)

- nerfed every single addon she has

- nerfed the range of her lunge after a blink (three times)

- removed the ability to be able to look up during her fatigue*

- removed the ability to be able to break pallets, interact and grab during the nurse's fatigue*

- added an attack slowdown when swinging while carrying a survivor*

- removed the nurse's ability to be able to blink on top of the shack

- added the ability to be able to lightburn the nurse while she is charging up a blink

- changed the way the nurse's blink works to make it so that the nurse would always blink into the basement when blinking near it*

- added the weapon swipe animation after hitting someone after a blink before going into fatigue*

- added the ability to be able to pallet stun a nurse (although they removed the ability to be able to stun her mid blink and not just after a blink, it has been confirmed that this will be brought back in the future)

- Nurse blink attacks no longer bypass mettle of man*


- removed the ability to be able to stalk multiple survivors at once

- reduced the movement speed on the vanity mirror

- reduced the point generation on the vanity mirror and the scratched mirror

- removed bloodlust from evil within 1*

- added the vulnerable indicator for survivors when the shape goes into evil within 3

- reduced the ammount of bloodpoints the shape gets in the deviousness category from stalking

- removed the shape's hitbox while stalking

- removed the ability to be able to end a chase instantly by stalking to gain tokens on PWYF rapidly*

- removed the ability to be able to stalk survivors in lockers*

- removed the ability to be able to stalk survivors who have left the level*


- added the ability to not trigger any traps when crouching over them

- removed the hag's ability to be able to recover from decisive strike and a wiggle out instantly*

- added an indicator for survivors to tell them when they are affected by the waterlogged shoe addon

- removed the terror radius from the hag phantasms*

- removed bloodlust from using the scarred hand

- changed the scarred hand to no longer bodyblock the moment the trap triggers, and can also no longer trap survivors when a survivor is stuck between a phantasm and an object*

- removed the ability to be able to have traps triggered by dying survivors

- changed the hag's pallet breaking animation in such a way that it makes the hag look downwards when she breaks a pallet, instead of forwards

- removed the outline of the hag phantasm when a trap is triggered*


- added an attack slowdown when swinging while carrying a survivor*

- removed the doctor's ability to be able to shock injured survivors from a massive distance*

- snapping out of it no longer counts as healing (thus perks that affect healing no longer affect snapping out of it)


- changed the iridescent head to remove 4 hatchets from your inventory, instead of removing only 2 hatchets from your inventory

- removed the ability to be able to throw hatchets without losing any tokens on play with your food*

- added that the huntress slows down massively when she puts away her hatchet after she pulled it out*

- Reduced the effectiveness of the addons which reduce the huntress' windup time.


- removed bloodlust from when using his chainsaw*

- when hitting a survivor and then breaking a pallet with the same chainsaw attack afterwards while using the speed limiter causes the area in which the pallet was broken to be unpassable*


- added an indicator to tell survivors when someone is asleep

- increased the size of the nightmare's terror radius from 16m to 24m

- added a 3 second slowdown after putting someone to sleep

- added that you wake up when you recover from the dying state

- removed the ability to be able to rapidly put multiple survivors to sleep (this has recently been re-added again)*

- changed adrenaline to make it wake up the survivor who is using it when it activates

- removed the ability to be able to put survivors to sleep who are in lockers*


- Removed the ability to be able to kill someone with a reverse bear trap by dropping them behind an exit gate*

- Traps that have not been used up by the time the exit gates are powered become inactive.


- Nerfed the majority of the legion's addons

- Bleedout time is no longer removed by Feral Frenzy hits (was 10 seconds per hit).

- Feral Frenzy can only be used when the meter is fully charged.

- Feral Frenzy move speed is now 5.0 m/s.

- Increased the Feral Frenzy recharge time to from 15 seconds to 20 seconds.

- Increased the Legion's terror radius to 32 meters, from 24 meters.

- Increased the fatigue time when Feral Frenzy ends from 3 seconds to 4 seconds.

- Missed attacks will end Feral Frenzy.

- Pallet vault duration 1.35s. Cuts time benefit by 25%. (was 0.9s; default pallet break is 2.7 sec. 0.1 for snap, 2.6 for break)

- The Legion cannot see pools of blood while in Feral Frenzy.

- Window vault duration 1.1s. Cuts time benefit by 25%. (was 0.9s; default window vault is 1.7 sec, fastest Survivor vault is 0.8s).

- Fixed an issue that caused The Legion's Nasty and Filthy Blade add-ons to stack, causing extremely long Mending times*


- Fixed an issue that caused The Plague's Corrupt Purge to ignore unhook immunity.*

- Fixed an issue that caused The Plague's Vile and Corrupt Purge to apply on-hit effects from certain perks (Remember Me, Save the Best for Last, Sloppy Butcher, Hex: The Third Seal, and Hex: No One Escapes Death)*



  • Exxodus21Exxodus21 Member Posts: 816

    I wonder if he included them because a lot of the survivor arguments here point to similar changes as survivor nerfs?

  • BossBoss Member, Trusted Posts: 13,578

    This would mean Wraith currently has no nerf applied to him whatsoever.

    That's pretty cool.

  • DostiLDostiL Member Posts: 39

    I really need fov at 90.

  • LetsPlayTogetherLetsPlayTogether Member Posts: 2,117

    I would say by just assuming how the post is build up, half of the things mentioned are obviously wrong in a nerf-list.

  • RespectfulnancymainRespectfulnancymain Member Posts: 1,816

    You literally just copied and pasted this. And half of these are bug fixes. Please get an actual list of nerfs and not bugs then make a post like this

  • scarslookgoodscarslookgood Member Posts: 157

    I get the point you're making, but I'm not sure we can strike a direct comparison. Survivors share everything, but Hag's Traps and Billy's Chainsaw (for example) are completely separate things that they can never share. By numbers alone, there is more to adjust for Killers.

  • Deathstroke667Deathstroke667 Member Posts: 15

    Killers have been favored since summer 2018 (around clown release if i recall)

    Your post doesnt prove anything since most of the things you added are bug fixes, jesus, you even added "pallet vaccum for survivors" when it was removed a looong time ago.

    Also whats the point in bringing changes that were released in 2016 when the meta was different, and the game was totally different? Then survivors could do the same, botany knowledge is the first perk that comes to my mind.

  • luka2211luka2211 Member Posts: 1,433

    That's what survivor players say tho. Self care nerf,no more pallet vacuum,etc when talking about survivor nerfs cause barely any happened recently except like what,MoM and what else. This post is dumb regardless tho

  • MikeasaurusMikeasaurus Member Posts: 2,313

    Jesus, is this what the game has come to now? Tit-for-Tat for each side? My sides better than your side? And people wonder why this whole community is becoming toxic!

  • oxygenoxygen Member Posts: 2,746

    Just because others are straight up wrong and list stuff that's clearly not working as intended being fixed as nerfs doesn't mean you should join them in being wrong by doing the same. And when I say "not working as intended" I mean stuff like the Legion mending bug or the Wake Up bug.

  • polipoli Member Posts: 34

    ah more whining and less adapting

  • NickeleyeNickeleye Member Posts: 278

    I think any honest person grounded in reality knows the truth. A lot of killers need a buff.

  • DreamnomadDreamnomad Member Posts: 2,847


    ... that I made up. Fixed.

  • ThisGuuy83ThisGuuy83 Member Posts: 1,303

    It's sad when you come on these posts and can clearly see who the majority of the forums are. No surv main will ever admit that they CLEARLY have an advantage over killer because they like how easy it is, and how they get to bully and manipulate the killer into madness. Don't you want a challenge? Playing survivor now is like shooting fish in a barrel. Are you guys proud of that? Do you really think your that good? I wish just once you would peak your heads over are 20ft fence and see things from the other side. We peak over your 6ft fence all the time.

  • T4ank3dT4ank3d Member Posts: 32

    While I agree with fixing bugs. A bug fixed does not a nerf make.

    However, your stance on bloodlust couldn't be any more hypocritical given the point you are wanting to make with your post.

    Bloodlust was introduced to combat infinite loops. The fact a chase can take long enough for bloodlust to take affect is a clear sign of poor game design.

    Sure a killer can choose not to break a pallet and circle it indefinitely. THAT would be the fault of the killer entirely.

    Sure there are some things on the list that shouldn't be, but it's a form of argument the other side, whichever side you are on wants to ignore and dismiss entirely.

  • ClickyClickyClickyClicky Member Posts: 3,536

    No the point was he was talking about how killers have been nerfed starting from day one.

    They added a mechanic to buff killers then nerfed it but if you’re counting from day one then adding the mechanic in the first place is still a net buff

  • GamewizGamewiz Member Posts: 4

    This is not a case of "Survivors are so entitled and they won't listen to the plights of killers" Its more this post is clearly not a well thought out or reasonable argument, listing fixing game-breaking exploits as "nerfs".

    It is childish case of "we have more nerfs than you so have it worse" regardless of the scale/context or if it was even a nerf in the first place.

  • arslaNarslaN Member Posts: 1,936
    edited January 2020

    The impact of the nerfs are more important than the amount of them. I've said this before, if today's survivors were playing in the 2017 version, you would be happy to get 1 kill.

    And seriously, a lot of those are just bug fixes and really small, insignificant things.

  • TodgeweihtTodgeweiht Member Posts: 3,666

    "they dont agree with me! It must be because they are all filthy survivor mains!"

    lmao with your post, if anything this website specifically is the most """killer biased""" of the whole DBD media sites, cant make a post asking anything that would benefit or be healthy for survivors without getting called a survivor main.

  • ThisGuuy83ThisGuuy83 Member Posts: 1,303

    Really? I suggest you read more posts on here then, because all I ever see is survs wanting killers nerfed into the ground, and damn sure won't admit they have the power role. They say killers are STILL to OP. Need proof? Look at the nerf mori posts, the nerf Billy, nerf Freddy, nerf GF, nerf doc now, nerf hag, nerf huntress. Did I forget any? I'm sure I did....

  • WaffleyumboyWaffleyumboy Member Posts: 7,318

    You're just showing how much bias you have by claiming one side complains more than the other.

  • TodgeweihtTodgeweiht Member Posts: 3,666

    And all the threads with killers whining about leaving the game because X got nerfed and the evil devs are catering to much to those evil experience ruining survivor mains? Nowadays I rarely see threads asking for nerfs that aren't blatant baits or made by extremely inexperienced players

    You need to browse these forums more, these last weeks have been nothing but whining about ruin and the devs hating every killer, the last time the community was acting so utterly stupid was when the exhaustion changes were announces.

  • WaffleyumboyWaffleyumboy Member Posts: 7,318

    Git gud bro, watch some streams, learn how to play. The devs don't tell you these things for no reason, they tell you because you are unfamiliar with the game and need to see it from an unbiased perspective. Maybe even try red rank survivor from time to time?

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