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Please revert the nerf to nurse's basekit.

The nerf to nurse's basekit was too much, she is still the best, but she is so god awful to play now with the huge amount of glitches, bugs, and stuns that you have to deal with while playing her. She's just an overall chore to play, if you want to play the game as nurse prepare to have a depressing time, because she has a massive upkeep to her to be "decent" with her.

Nobody thinks stuns are fun it's just not, if they added something new for nurses to work with during the rework then maybe it would've been different, but they didn't it was just a blanket nerf to nurse, not to mention most of the addons are meme addons that will never see the light of day. I still play her though only because she was the killer I started off playing with first and I have around 2000 hours put into her, but she just isn't fun anymore.

Also I just want to say to the Dev's, if you are making changes to help new players out why make nurse much harder than before and nothing to compensate the changes so new players will always be destroyed. I doubt any new players will ever want to play nurse, everyone knows how many nurse's we see in games now, at least before the nerf people were always willing to try to get better with her.



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