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Rank Update Error Megathread



  • cptshinercptshiner Member Posts: 1
    • PC
    • Every time I pip or de-pip
    • 3.5.0 release and half a year ago had it

  • FroschbartFroschbart Member Posts: 6
    edited January 29


    There is an error every game, but it is either Rank Update Error or Error 401.

    Happened half a year ago. Happens again since 3.5.0, also happens in 3.5.1

  • MorphonMorphon Member Posts: 3


    After every match

    Since the last patch (ruin and doc changes)

  • Lupin_96Lupin_96 Member Posts: 2
    • pc
    • every game
    • since the 3.5.0. patch update
  • FOUR71FOUR71 Member Posts: 2

    PC, each rink (((reinstalling does not help,I do not know how long ago it started but the last 2 weeks so, I hope in the near future you will fix it

  • KooriChiKooriChi Member Posts: 5
    • PC
    • Basically every game I pip/depip (I usually dont get this if i safetypip) (on rare occasions I dont get the error but 9/10 times i get it)
    • 3.5.0

  • ltopa96ltopa96 Member Posts: 4


    Four times in a row when I had earned 2 rank points or more than 10K points in "running from hunter"

  • hberk1hberk1 Member Posts: 1
    edited January 29


    Literally every game

    Since i started to play the game,i have currently 3.5.1 and still have the problem

    Im a new player and i get this bug every game. I stucked at rank 20 and all players are just bad. It is pathetic,i haven't seen a rank system like that before. Also, i get the internet connection lost and player level update errors after every single game. It is unplayable and so disturbing. I basically quit the game and stop playing.Thanks DEVS!

    Post edited by hberk1 on
  • DibrekingDibreking Member Posts: 4


    I was on vacancy and when I back to home I updated The game. When I finished a game occured me the error, until now I can't update my rank.

  • boldandbrashboldandbrash Member Posts: 1


    9/10 games

    Since the 3.5.0 update

  • pattedevlourpattedevlour Member Posts: 7
    • PC
    • 95% of game if not 99% since 3.5.0 I had a single game that got me the error.
    • Since 3.5.0 (Had it in the past but it got fixzed) I also get a Player Rank Error message sometimes it's either Rank update or Player level one.
  • SumatchiSumatchi Member Posts: 2


    Every Game

    Since at least Ghostface

  • radwulfradwulf Member Posts: 109
    • Which platform you are on: PC (win7)
    • How frequently you get the error: every single game
    • When you started receiving the error: doc rework patch

  • galahad_gaminggalahad_gaming Member Posts: 4
    edited January 30


    Started receiving it since the Doc rework

    I only get the error message when the game launches, but my rank goes back up from 14 to 16 at least once a night

  • jvvz471jvvz471 Member Posts: 1


    Every Game

    Since 10 months

  • cookie_cat__cookie_cat__ Member Posts: 1

     PC, каждая игра, после обновления 3.5.0.

  • ChizuruChizuru Member Posts: 1


    Every survivor game

    Since 3.5.1 update

    I cant get any player exp(stuck at lvl 28) and rift progress stuck at lvl 20. But i do get BP.

  • Pudding03Pudding03 Member Posts: 1


    Every time i get a pip, get a double pip or lose a pip (both survivor and killer) except 1 time

    Since 3.5.0 (i also had this error when i started playing in summer 2019 and it got fixed)

  • edogastedogast Member Posts: 146


    Very often, about 4 out of 5 games get a rank update error

    playing with friends seem to make it appear less often

    Since 3.5 update

  • DetectiveFapp69DetectiveFapp69 Member Posts: 2
    • PC
    • In patch 3.5.0 after every single game I played
    • Since 3.5.1 9/10 times
  • LordLuchinLordLuchin Member Posts: 1

    Plataforma: Pc

    Descripción del problema: Al finalizar la partida me genera un error en la clasificación y me tira directamente al inicio .

    qué frecuencia ocurre esto: ocurre casi siempre durante esta semana he tenido el problema en cada partida

  • StopZombiesStopZombies Member Posts: 47

    PC account. Windows 10 home. Version 1903. OS Build 18362.592

    USA East Coast. Been a problem since the GhostFace Chapter. It was fixed a couple months ago. Now it's back with the last update.

    Every game that I pip will cause the error. If I black pip or depip then there are no issues. It's only when I pip up in rank. When it happens I get the RANK UPDATE ERROR screen (attahched) and then the game disconnects me. I am completely out of the game. I have to close the application or relog into my account.

  • КотопольдКотопольд Member Posts: 1

    1 - ПК

    2 - происходит в 8 из 10 случаев. не обновляется уровень и выкидывает в главное меню

    3 - купил игру недавно (около 2 недель назад), 2-3 первых раза все нормально, а потом началось это...

  • kazenkazen Member Posts: 4
  • jmking091jmking091 Member Posts: 1


    After every match almost

    Just started with the recent patch

  • EmodianEmodian Member Posts: 2

    hi guys, same here, since months i have this bug, cant tell since when exactly but defenetly to long.

    Plattform: Pc EU

    after every game i get the notification and get kicked out thats why i dont play anymore, kills the fun out of it.

    i'm a bit disapointet that u guys react until now.

    hope u can fix this, as soon as possible.

  • Eros_LucianoTTVEros_LucianoTTV Member Posts: 23


    Every game I pip/depip as killer and survivor

    Ever since the 3.5.0 update. Validated game files many times. Hasn't fixed it.

    For your game's sake, fix this already.

  • jaiboojaiboo Member Posts: 24
    edited January 31

    very much still happening every single game, now getting the 'disconnected' alert from steam every time a match ends, but that only happens in dead by daylight.

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