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Can't purchase rift pass (Response code: 409)

pixiepixie Member Posts: 5

I'm trying to purchase the rift pass but the game won't let me giving me the error message "Archive Rewards Error: Error receiving data for Archive rewards menu. Response code: 409".

I own enough auric cells to purchase it. I also tried restarting the game, validating the game's files via steam and restarting my router and my tower.


  • pixiepixie Member Posts: 5

    The issue resolved itself!!!

    For everyone running into the same problem: Just wait a little and try to purchase it again and again until it works!

  • EncraTerpEncraTerp Member Posts: 4

    How long is 'a little'

  • EncraTerpEncraTerp Member Posts: 4

    Never mind a little is only like 15 minutes

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