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Why don't solos have voice comms?



  • oxygenoxygen Member Posts: 1,408
    edited January 29

    As an EU player there would be some... challenges involved with that for sure. Not everyone can speak English (or any other majority language in the lobby for that matter) understandably or at all, some refuse to speak it and that's on top of more generalized issues like people being dickheads in chat.

    If they were to do this a contextual button + some preset phrases would be better in my opinion. Press the button to report on your "status" like "I'm in a chase", "I'm on a gen" and so on. And have some presets for harder to detect scenarios like "I'm going for the save". Unlike voice chat it can be localized.

    Of course people could still troll. They could spam it, intentionally give inaccurate information and so on, but the same goes for voice chat anyway.

  • AvisDeeneAvisDeene Member Posts: 1,813

    They still won't be able to do anything with people who use discord. They just have to balance against comms from anywhere.

  • pizzamesspizzamess Member Posts: 136

    All of these people who are complaining about randos not being useful on comms anyways has never played a competitive game with comms like siege or CSGO, like yeah sometimes your gonna get shitheads that aren't very useful or will blast [BAD WORD] but that's why muting specific players exists and at that point they would be exactly as useful as they are now with no voice chat. The language barrier could suck, but there is still no downside to properly implementing voice comms.

  • ThisGuuy83ThisGuuy83 Member Posts: 878

    Yeah, I dunno how to solve the issue for PC, but I don't think it's that big of a problem either. This would definitely work on console though. And before they start, I know people have phones, but who is honestly gonna take the time to call, let alone text there buddy what's going on? You'd be down and heading for a hook before you got halfway through your conversation.

  • Karl_ChildersKarl_Childers Member Posts: 655

    Nailed it right here.

    The argument of “you could just mute it”...isn’t valid at all. With killers being buffed around everyone communicating, if you mute it you are now at even more of a disadvantage than solo survivors are currently. Also with regards to the toxicity, if you have the others muted there’s a very good chance your “teammates” will be annoyed with you....you know how that will turn out. Plus people who play SWF currently would probably mute the in-game voice chat, and just use discord or whatever. Why would they want to talk to randoms? They’ll just carry on talking to their friends only like normal. Now the solo player who actually DID want to talk, has nobody to talk to because his SWF teammates have it on mute lol. It’s a terrible idea that would be disastrous. Luckily, they’ll never do it.

  • WaffleyumboyWaffleyumboy Member Posts: 6,652

    Wth bro? Getting muted won't make anyone angry enough to sandbag, and atm solos are always constantly muted. There is no downside to this being added at all, prove me wrong.

  • OrionbashOrionbash Member Posts: 419

    It could be location-based comms. But to ensure killers aren't harassed they cant literally hear whats being said but could hear voices kinda like the perk Whispers. Itd give survivors an edge, yes, but it'd also give killers an extra tracking tool.

  • Archimedes5000Archimedes5000 Member Posts: 1,589

    Then what about a set of "voice commands" like "save me" "do gens" etc.

    It would let random people comunicate without all the [BAD WORD] associated with comms

  • Karl_ChildersKarl_Childers Member Posts: 655
    edited January 29

    Disagree. This game is very toxic...I could totally see people being annoyed that their teammate has voice chat turned off.

    No downside? How about everything in my post.

    • Solo survivor who chooses to play without voice chat now WORSE off because killers are buffed around everyone having communication. How is this not a downside?!
    • current SWF simply turning it off because they’d rather use Discord. This is very likely. So in these games where the solo’s teammates are SWF, who exactly is the solo survivor talking to? Not a downside?!

    The point is that killers are being buffed. Do you not see how it could put many survivors in a worse spot? Trust me, many players would want nothing to do it. But by buffing killers, you are telling them use this or you are screwed. No thanks.

  • WaffleyumboyWaffleyumboy Member Posts: 6,652

    Killers are already in line for slight buffs in the future...

  • OicimauOicimau Member Posts: 690

    Imagine Argentina x Brazil. OMG the worse racist offenses come from spanish talking countries in South America against brazilians.

    But, i think the language barriers and toxic talking arent enough to not make a voice comm in the game. Maybe, just have the option to turn it off and dont hear anyone...

    My idea of Voice Comm is like in other games where you listen to other players as much as close they are. Like IRL. And the killer? He listens just a noise. So ppl talking will call attention. Someone listening music will be like a easy pray to locate.

    Than you must talk only when needed, and only gonna be listened by close players.

    And if someone is boring, just go away. LOL

  • Karl_ChildersKarl_Childers Member Posts: 655

    Yes, I’m on board with that type of thing. Just against voice chat.

  • Joao_BandicootJoao_Bandicoot Member Posts: 269

    Man, that would be really painful imagine making just one "mistake" (just doing something different than what others wanted) and be blasted with "Brasileiro de merd*!" "Macaco sujo" or something among those lines.

  • LlamaArmourLlamaArmour Member Posts: 73

    Did you not read what I said?

    I said I would personally mute it, but as killers would obviously be buffed accordingly, it would make the "solo survivor" even weaker than they already are. By solo survivor I mean people that play with no comms.

  • LlamaArmourLlamaArmour Member Posts: 73

    I'm glad someone else can see the bigger picture when it comes to balancing!

    You actually raised some points I hadn't even considered too, I.e. teammates being mad at you for muting, and SWF using DC instead.

    I really hope this change never happens.

    I do agree with others about the chat wheel though, I've been an advocate of this since I first found out about the in game gestures. It just never made sense to me that there was no way to tell my team what was happening.

    I guess the main problem is, perks like kindred would be a lot less powerful if I could tell my team I'm going for the save (not a huge issue tbh).

  • hocruxhocrux Member Posts: 211

    Don't know what you're talking about on console you can invite those in your lobby in a party for comms, happens to me a couple of time, i'm playing solo and got a lobby invite with swf, was disgusted and left immediately, not sure why people take offense to that

  • HawkAyeTheNooHawkAyeTheNoo Member Posts: 356

    Sorry but i dont want some squeaker shouting in my ear to save him. If voice comms were to come there would need to be an option to disable them.

  • fleshboxfleshbox Member Posts: 494

    Bring on their wanted AI bots already. This is getting silly now.

    Nothing but further calls for nerfs since ruin went. Those who scream loudest and buy the most cosmetics get heard. While the dying souls on the ground who dont make sounds take months to fix.

  • Dr_LoomisDr_Loomis Member Posts: 1,936

    I have a feeling it would be an absolute nightmare.

  • dfrenchieedfrenchiee Member Posts: 316

    That sounds like an awful idea. I keep comms muted in every game I play, and would certainly do the same if it was implemented into dbd

    The community is annoying enough, I don't want to have to hear them whining in game too.

  • mylesmylomylesmylo Member Posts: 204

    No thank you lol I dont want some entitled survivor thinking they can tell me how to play. They boss killers around enough, it would end uo leading to me leaving them on the hook to die because they are telling me how to play lol then I would get them talking crap 😂 I would just mute everyone if they did add coms

  • TAGTAG Member Posts: 6,384
    edited January 30

    Honestly, I don't have a good justification for it. Just giving solo Survivors comms would help a lot in paving the way for actually balancing the game. Make it opt-in for people who don't want to deal with it, and add some in-game pre-written messages similar to Identity V so those who don't opt in still have a way to communicate to some degree.

  • WaffleyumboyWaffleyumboy Member Posts: 6,652
  • GrossAnimeTrashGrossAnimeTrash Member Posts: 10

    Why don’t solos have voice comms:

    1) Because on all platforms you have to ability to voice chat through another system.

    1.5) While BHVR can’t rip SWF out, the game was never intended to have voice chat in any capacity. Unless the core of the game changes, this won’t happen.

    2.) As much as people say solo survivor is super weak, I think people are forgetting that survivor gameplay is practically hand holding at this point. At this point if you’re having a hard time pipping as survivor you legit need to have someone analyze your gameplay cause I can literally black pip by camping every pallet I encounter and recognizing at least one strong structure to dry hump and the killer will ignore me, resulting in at least two gens getting done.

    3) [big shock incoming] most people aren’t exactly very pleasant to talk to in this game. If my DM’s are any indication of survivor entitlement I don’t wanna hear it all game. Not to mention people who play music, have screaming kids, are screaming kids themselves, and just draining.

    4) If all survivors had free voice chat (wether it was auto opt out or not) this makes a large handful of really fun and useful perks blatantly useless for both sides.

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