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Hacking Legion

Today me and my friends find Legion named arakalth. I wamma report him bc of hacks. He down me when i was doing generator and he was at basement. Also how is possible that he destroy pallets by vault them?? As survivor main it's incredibly unfair


  • TatariuTatariu Member Posts: 500

    It's the Iridescent Button addon. You want to report this player because... they downed you?

  • katoptriskatoptris Member Posts: 949

    He had iresdecent button which allow legion to destroy pallets after vaulting. You need to remove the gamertag cause of name shaming. For the gen down and the basement situation may be it a lag switch.

  • CoffinfeederCoffinfeeder Member Posts: 2

    No i wanna report him bc when i was downed he was like half map from me

  • inferjusinferjus Member Posts: 479

    Legion has add-on that gives him ability to destroy pallets by vaulting. Also hit from the basement could be some server lag or something like that, something like that happens to me sometimes. To report someone you need to submit a ticket here: https://support.deadbydaylight.com/hc/en-us . You need a video of person hacking tho.

  • I_am_NeganI_am_Negan Member Posts: 1,512

    A glass-like button moulded from The Fog that captures The Legion's likeness. The surface is warm and reverberating with The Entity's power.

    During Feral Frenzy:

    • Your Terror Radius affects the entire Map.
    • Any Pallets you vault are immediately broken.

    This effect lasts until the Power gauge is depleted.

  • YamaokaYamaoka Member Posts: 2,132

    Getting downed from anywhere on the map can be the result of lagging. What platform are you on? Asking because all platforms are running on dedicated servers except for XBOX ONE as far as I know.

    As for the pallet break via vaulting. That's the result of an addon called "iridescent button". This is the icon:


    • Your Terror Radius affects the entire Map.
    • Any Pallets you vault are immediately broken.

    This effect lasts until the Power gauge is depleted.

  • TatariuTatariu Member Posts: 500

    If he had hit you in Frenzy before, and you didn't mend, you had have gone down from the Deep Wound status effect.

  • SpringeySpringey Member Posts: 154

    Guys, he is referring to his button add-on that makes him able to destroy pallets on vault and the deep wound state that downed him while the killer was across the map. I'm not sure if you're playing along or take that guy seriously. :thinking:

  • ArakalathArakalath Member Posts: 1

    Ffs man? It's not hacking it's just Deep wound... your fault that you don't mend yourself. About that oallets it's just addon. Again your fault that ypu trying tbag and no run away

  • SonzaishinaiSonzaishinai Member Posts: 1,188

    It's crazy how many survivors don't know how deep wounds work. I'm surprised that op didn't also want to ban him cause Legion know in what locker he is in frenzy

  • MPUKMPUK Member Posts: 357

    This is why people shouldn't only play half of the game.

    The idea of "maining" one side and never doing the other is dumb. I swear most of the problems the game has is because people who only play one side moan about the other side constantly.

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