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NOED needs either a nerf or to be removed.

Of all the things I have found wrong with DBD, the biggest issue I have had for way too long is No One Escapes Death. I refuse to see why this perk has went so long without a nerf. I'm not going to say to remove it, but something needs to change, because I'm tired of playing a game great only to die immediately to NOED. And it's hard to find the will to stay on the hook, since then all you do is risk killing anybody else. I'm not saying ditch this perk, because I understand that the best use of this perk comes from matches that went poorly for the killer. However, this inspires toxic gameplay. I absolutely despise the fact that you can do awful the entire game, yet still possibly net a 4K due to this single perk. Ruin was changed because people hated how annoying it was, but Ruin didn't need a change anywhere near as bad as this perk. Here are just a few ideas on how to nerf this perk: 1. When the killer runs this perk, change the design/color of the totems, that way it is worth it to cleanse dull totems, but doesn't totally eliminate the possibility of NOED actually triggering. 2. Have a requirement for the exposed effect, like only have the exposed effect if 4 or 3 of the survivors are still within the trial. This will still help Killers who've had a bad game, without entirely removing the ability for the survivors who've played well to escape. 3. Buff the survivors in some way. This doesn't have to be a big buff at all, but anything that makes it slightly easier to not die immediately is worth it. Like, how about removing all the survivors' exhaustion or make vaulting pallets and windows a bit faster. Just one of these tweaks would make playing against a killer with this perk infinitely more enjoyable, without making this perk worthless to run. Please, anybody consider this and spread it. Out of all the current balance issues, this one seems the most obvious.



  • homagegrayhomagegray Member Posts: 4

    Do I really have to point out that doing bones is incredibly pointless? Most other survivors don't do them, it takes time away from doing something productive, and you have no idea whether the Killer is running NOED until it's often too late. This perk rewards bad play on the killers side and punishes survivors for playing well.

  • WRussoWWRussoW Member Posts: 715
    edited January 2020

    I believe solo survivors need to cooperate before the match to choose someone who will do the bones and will take specific perks or a map with add-ons.

  • PigMainClaudettePigMainClaudette Member Posts: 3,842

    They're not always exactly visible now, are they?

    And before you mention it, Small Game doesn't exactly help all the time. I've had it go off, but I still couldn't see the totem.

  • homagegrayhomagegray Member Posts: 4

    As much as I'd like this to work, relying on others in this game can, more often than not, take you back.

  • PigMainClaudettePigMainClaudette Member Posts: 3,842

    Again. Invisible bones.

    I have searched entire maps, never to find any. I'm not blind, but some of these are just too well hidden.

  • KingFrostKingFrost Member Posts: 3,014

    If the problem is that people aren't doing totems because they don't know if the killer is running NoED the solution is simple: Make NoED part of the Killer's base skillset. Let the survivors know how many tokens still need to be cleansed in the HUD, because otherwise that'd be unfair. But if NoED is base kit, then survivors aren't 'wasting time' by doing totems.

  • PigMainClaudettePigMainClaudette Member Posts: 3,842

    Is it lazy if I can't see them? And I've had games where I've been running Small Game and STILL couldn't find them.

    And you'd be wrong! I do have an appreciation for killer and survivor equally, because I play both. Besides, there are that many Hillbillies lately that med-kits and Self-Care are kinda pointless.

  • mike4156mike4156 Member Posts: 222
    edited January 2020

    oo so now i can only play with my friends unless i want to be guarantee no ed or leave everyone for dead every round. thats reaaaal exciting, lets face it most survivors do not cooperate with each other. only at red rank do you find that 50% of the people there cooperate with you

  • SanityNightSanityNight Member Posts: 101

    Just cleanse bones before the last generation ;) problem solved.

  • SanityNightSanityNight Member Posts: 101

    saying it's pointless is bs. You guys earn points for cleansing totems just like you do for generators and many other things. In fact I think you get more bps when you cleanse a to ten than you do a skill check. Just get over yourselves and cleanse bones.

  • LetsPlayTogetherLetsPlayTogether Member Posts: 2,117

    Remove it. Or rework it completely. We already have a fair version called devour. The perk as it is is bullshit.

  • PigMainClaudettePigMainClaudette Member Posts: 3,842
    edited January 2020

    Again, it's a small notice in a direction, and not one I have room for between making sure I don't get tunnelled out of the game.

    There are WAY more problems with NoED than "Just do bones". It requires you to do NOTHING in order to get its effect, there is no warning until the first hit, and a literal speed boost that lasts far longer than any Survivor speed bonuses.

    So, yeah. I'll run Small Game and get tunnelled against a killer not running one perk for 9/10 games.

  • SaitamfedSaitamfed Member Posts: 1,454

    I never said this to anybody but... "get good". Are you wanting the killer helps you to finish generators as well? Run small game, learn totem spawn location then you won't need to use small game anymore or when there is a gen left head to the door so when the gen is finished, you open the exit gate and then you won't get a problem with NOED.

  • Legionmain0517Legionmain0517 Member Posts: 34

    Except you can still literally cleanse NOED and disable it almost immediately. Its rare to take out NOED as soon as that last gen pops, but it happens.

    The devs have also talked on this numerous times and said they are not going to just nerf NOED. You sacrifice a perk slot to have that extra insurance in the endgame, that can be denied by doing a short, simple objective. So yes, it does have counterplay around it.

    But lets not forget the tools you have to dismantle NOED. You have, small game and detectives hunch for one. You can bring a map with the proper addons or a rainbow map. You can divide up your team to search for it as the game goes on with SWFs, or just go and find all the totems yourself if you are knowledgeable on the spawns. You can even just make an educated guess on whether or not the Killer has NOED by just deducing what perks they have.

    Dying to NOED can be frustrating sometimes, dont get me wrong, but with all the game changing perks Survivors can have, you have no reason to complain about the one Killers are barely clinging on to.

  • Pizza_DweetPizza_Dweet Member Posts: 68

    I feel that bc ruin is dead, now survivors have to do bones or Mr skeletal will insta down them and sometimes that fear makes survivors divert their attention from gens to pleasing Mr skeletal because of the implied threat that noed has on them.

  • PigMainClaudettePigMainClaudette Member Posts: 3,842

    "Get good" should be a bannable phrase with how much people spout it to derail actual conversation.

    Not all of us are going to commit to memory something as arbitrary as token spawns. I'm not switching onto Small Game for several reasons, mainly that it doesn't fit into my builds, and a majority of killers don't use it.

    I complain about it because it is bad perk design 101. Followed by No Mither.

    There are TWO perks that give you exposed with no warning: Devour Hope and NoED. One you have to work for. That is the issue.

    I know it can be cleansed and prevented, but when I climb to red, solo about 50% of the time (usually only 1 other person in SWF, sometimes 2), relying on randoms and using perks to keep myself alive, also limited by Archives challenges, Small Game literally does not have room in any of my perk builds.

  • Legionmain0517Legionmain0517 Member Posts: 34

    Well Im sorry to say this but you better learn to play around NOED, even as a solo queue survivor. Killers are going to bring it without prejudice now that ruin has been changed. And I agree that NOED is not a good perk design to follow, which is why I dont use it very often, but the state of the game on the Killer side just dictates the perk as a necessary evil for Killers now that ruin is changed. So unless the maps or objectives get reworked to give the Killers more time to actually play the game, NOED is probably not going to get nerfed anytime soon.

  • KnotsKnots Member Posts: 44

    It's not even good.

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