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Survivor Connections

MonfuiserMonfuiser Member Posts: 15

Which survivor do you think each survivor gets along with best/worst?

This is my list:

Dwight: Best- Laurie || Worst- David

Claudette: Best- Jake || Worst- Nea

Meg: Best- Jake || Worst- David

Jake: Best- Claudette || Worst- Ace

Nea: Best- Feng || Worst- Ash

Laurie: Best- Dwight || Worst- Ace

Ace: Best- Ash || Worst- Bill

Feng: Best- Nea || Worst- David

Bill: Best- Dwight || Worst- Ace

David: Best- Dwight (Dwight sees it as bullying) || Worst- Feng

Quentin: Best- Nancy || Worst- Nea

Tapp: Best- Dwight || Worst- Nea

Kate: Best- Jeff || Worst- Feng

Adam: Best- Quentin || Worst- Nea

Jeff: Best- Kate || Worst- Feng

Jane: Best- Kate || Worst- Ace

Ash: Best- Ace || Worst- Bill

Nancy: Best- Steve || Worst- Ash

Steve: Best- Nancy || Worst- Feng

Yui: Best- Nea || Worst- Ace


  • ZtarShotZtarShot Member Posts: 812
    edited January 2020

    The Dwight-David connection...

    Edit: is much sad no one likes Bill or Tapp...

  • MechanicalWolfMechanicalWolf Member Posts: 45

    Eh, I think Dwight would get along better with Quentin over Laurie

  • VolantConch1719VolantConch1719 Member Posts: 1,002

    Dwight: Best-I think he would get along better with Claudette, they both represent the nerds. || Worst-Literally any of the lone wolf characters would fit here just as well as David (Min, Jake, Ash)

    Meg: Best-Highly disagree. Meg's whole thing is her energy, and Jake prefers to be alone. She'd probably do better with Yui or Nea. || Worst-Again with the loners. David's a jerk and all, but he and Meg do share athletics in common, so they might be on more neutral terms.

    Claudette: Best-The pre-Cursed Legacy opening scene pretty much confirms this. || Worst: I think David would fit a bit better here, honestly. I'd rather not go there, but those with disabilities (like Claudette) are much easier pickings for people like David.

    Jake: Best-Like I said with Claudette, pretty much confirmed. || Worst: Meg's energy would seriously annoy Jake more than Ace would.

    Nea: Best-Meg or Yui. Both are adrenaline junky rebels while Min is a lone wolf. || Worst: I don't think Nea would get along well with Tapp, since he's a cop and Nea really does not like cops.

    Laurie: Best-I think Quentin would be a better fit. They're around the same age and have both dealt with these beings before. || Worst-David. I see no way that they could get along.

    Ace: Best-Absolutely agree here. || Worst-Pretty much all the girls can go here. Ace fancies himself a ladies' man.

    Bill: Best-Ash and Bill have dealt with very similar things. || Worst-I'm actually going to have to flip this one with who you said was best. Bill is a soldier, and he was the leader of the L4D group. Why would he listen to a young man who's scared of his own shadow?

    Min (mini-rant time: you, along with the vast majority of people here, are applying Western naming traditions to a Chinese name. In most Asian countries, the name order goes Family Name Given Name, which makes her name Min, not Feng. And I'm, just guessing here, sure you pronounce it FAYNG MIHN instread of the proper FAHNG MENE [as close as I can accurately type it], right? Okay, rant over.): Best-Honestly, a recent discussion I found makes me think that Min is a lone wolf because she can't communicate with the others. I honestly don't think she'd get along with anyone here. || Worst-That being said, it makes her an easy target for David.

    David: Best-Okay, I like this reason. || Worst: Literally everyone.

    Quentin: Best-Did you only say this because Nancy is his girlfriend's name? As I said with Laurie, they've been through similar situations (I mean, I guess so have Steve and Nancy, but they had a monster instead of a psychopath after them, so it's different) || Worst-Like I said with Claudette, David likes to pick on those with disabilities, and Quentin takes medicine for ADD.

    Tapp: Best-Eh, I think Nancy would be more likely since she wants to be a jounralist, and journalism involves detective work, which Tapp could teach her. || Worst-100% in agreement.

    Kate: Best-Yeah, both have musical backgrounds. || Worst-Other than the lone wolves (like Min) being more distant, I think Kate might be the only one who could get along with everyone, including David.

    Adam: Best-I could see either Jane or Yui being better than Quentin. Jane because people look up to celebrities and teachers and Yui because they can both speak Japanese. || Worst-Yeah, the whole rebellious thing affects teachers a lot.

    Jeff: Best-Agree again. || Worst-I really don't know. Jeff is the big friendly giant. I guess I'll agree, since Min is again super distant, but I can't really think here.

    Jane: Best-I can see this. Or we could go with my Adam connection. || Worst-Ace and Ash would really get on Jane's nerves.

    Ash: Best-Either Ace or Bill, can go either way. || Worst-I actually think Jane would be best here, due to Ash being somewhat of a womanizer.

    Nancy: Best-100% here || Worst-I really don't think Nancy would get along with Nea. Nancy is the ideal student (I think, still haven't seen Stranger Things) while Nea is the rebellious gangster.

    Steve: Best-Again 100% || Worst-I think Steve and David would butt heads a lot.

    Yui: Best-Adam. Both can speak Japanese, and Adam can translate for Yui if she can't speak English. || Worst-Yeah, I can see this. I'd be more inclined to say Ash instead of Ace, but they both work.

    Just my opinions on these.

  • WaffleyumboyWaffleyumboy Member Posts: 7,318

    Yikes on bikes you are in deep in this lore man. Everything matches my headcanon except I think David is slightly nicer :)

  • MonfuiserMonfuiser Member Posts: 15

    I am sorry if I offended you for putting Feng instead of Min but I was just listing it how it is in game. I knew they used their family name as their name, but I was not sure if that would be correct here. I actually do pronounce it as FAHNG MENE because I didn’t know how you pronounced her name when she came out and looked it up.

  • VolantConch1719VolantConch1719 Member Posts: 1,002
  • MonfuiserMonfuiser Member Posts: 15

    It’s fine. I actually listed Nancy for Quentin because they both have the need to search for the truth and Quentin acts a lot like Nancy’s boyfriend.

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