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Dead Hard Needs To Be Nerfd



  • MagicianMagician Member Posts: 75

    This exactly....you have to spam the button well ahead of time.

  • MagicianMagician Member Posts: 75

    I like others believe Dead Hard is fine. It is true that you can use it on multiple loops and escape over and over using it properly, but a halfway decent killer will know to just wait for a moment so that you waste it. The problem with Dead Hard is that as the survivor, you cannot with pinpoint accuracy use it to evade because you have to spam the button prior to the killer swinging. By the time the killer is seen starting to swing, it is too late. You will go down. So it might help you for a little bit, and if you are really clever, escape totally. But you need to understand that DH cannot be used with much accuracy at all. It is basically spamming a button and hoping to come out free. Somebody asked why people run David with DH, it is because of the bp boost with his perk for saving people then taking hits for them. Then you get off a hook if needed and can Dead Hard to make the killer miss. But I am telling you, try it for yourself and see how wonky and imprecise it is. It isn't what you think.

  • MagicianMagician Member Posts: 75

    Because David King is a cool guy character and he has a great perk for getting more blood points. Dead Hard isn't terrible, it just isn't what you think in terms of precision. It is rrally hard to gauge the killer's swing then tell yourself to Dead Hard to get away. Like some others have said, it is really a crapshoot to use.

  • Kieran_GriffinKieran_Griffin Member Posts: 8

    If only Dead Hard worked as it should... *shrug*

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