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Has any game frustrated you as much as DBD?



  • BaldursGate2BaldursGate2 Member Posts: 994
    edited February 2020

    The difficulty was pretty overwhelming. I got even stomach pain, thinking of playing it again. But i just had to ######### beat it. At the end, i even got the platinum trophy for it. One of the best games i have ever played. But still frustrating as hell.

  • OGlilSPOOK20OGlilSPOOK20 Member Posts: 716

    Overwatch frustrates me more 😑

  • GHOSTfaceP3GHOSTfaceP3 Member Posts: 1,276

    The new call of duty lol I only got it because my friends play it a lot and man ..sometimes that game is more frustrating to play then playing nurse on console (and I play nurse a good bit)

  • Mc_HartyMc_Harty Member Posts: 3,293

    That chalice dungeon in Bloodborne that halves your health.

    But even then, dbd takes the cake.

  • avilmaskavilmask Member Posts: 600

    Pathfinder: kingmaker. Guaranteed 1/20 of crit or fail dice roll and recognised dependency on save scuming makes this game quite frustrating at times.

  • ElkElk Member Posts: 2,267

    Many. Overwatch, COD, Apex Legends, Death Stranding, WWZ and many more!

  • XzanXzan Member Posts: 908

    Dota 2.

    I'm glad I stopped playing it last year.

  • SonzaishinaiSonzaishinai Member Posts: 6,173

    Bennet Fody: getting over it

    "There's no feeling more intense than starting over" 

  • ermsyermsy Member Posts: 549

    Dbd never makes me angry but it does frustrate me. The game that pisses me off because of how unfair and rage inducing is FIFA.

    I've played rb6 siege, for Honor, bloodborne, overwatch but nothing comes close to the broken clusterfeck of a game FIFA is. You could be dominating the entire match and still lose, you could make 3 perfect tackles but due to rng the ball will bounce back to him and he'll score. There is even a conspiracy that the game has scripting that forces you to win or lose online.

    Ive had to quit that game for my own health. It's been two years.

  • cipherbay_cipherbay_ Member Posts: 344

    The first Crash Bandicoot game

  • Infinity_BoredInfinity_Bored Member Posts: 445

    Getting over it

  • yobudddyobuddd Member Posts: 2,067

    I’m noticing a trend here. The vast majority of games people mention here are the ones where they play with other people......

    So is it the games that are frustrating? Or the “game” of humanity?

  • EndstilleEndstille Member Posts: 2,246


    Like when you have a long streak going and you think damn I am doing good today. Somebody comes who just completely destroys you, you will try so many times and at the end it is back to the training room to figure out what this person did and how you have to play against it. Feels like more time spent in practice than actually playing vs other people.

  • MegMain98MegMain98 Member Posts: 2,822

    I never played many multiplayer games before DBD/F13, I always stuck with single player.

    Only time I’d get frustrated is when I was going for an extremely hard trophy like surviving the ENTIRE game on Alien Isolation without dying. It’s scary at first but then if you get a long way without a checkpoint and you die it’s annoying as hell. The ship is like maze as well so I had to watch walkthroughs on how to complete a level. Still never completed the game yet :(

    No other game triggers me as much as DBD. It’s not even the players that annoy me, it’s the fact that the game can be broken. Ya know what I mean. Ghost hits. Getting hit when you medium vault. Sound occlusion. Sound bugs. Myers and GF stalking being bugged. “Hook techs”. Getting hit through pallets. Dedicated servers, etc...

  • GhostofYharnamGhostofYharnam Member Posts: 597
    edited February 2020

    Dude i hated that Chalice. That dog had me on the verge of breaking down in tears. Amy was just a long tense 30 minute battle.

  • Mc_HartyMc_Harty Member Posts: 3,293

    ######### that dog. Also the undead giant from the earlier chalices.

    Only 2 bosses that made me question my sanity.

  • GhostofYharnamGhostofYharnam Member Posts: 597

    I hated him. Brofist made me go ######### when i entered the arena and was instantly punched from halfway across the room.

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