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Fun Ideas for New Game Modes?

Only been playing for a few months, but one of the things I'd love to see is new game modes of varying levels of seriousness. It's one of the things I miss about free-range, moddable PC games.

So let's propose some hypothetical Serious and SRS! game modes. I'll start.

Serious: 2 Killers, 6 Survivors, 9 Gens.

What it says on the tin. Just a bigger game, with more people. KInda just trying to make it as chaotic and overwhelming for everyone as possible. Could be fun, could be garbage. Who knows?

Super Duper SRS: Kill the Killer

Killer has a gate key. They have no red stain or TR, but the Survivors now do.

Survivors can hurt the killer (maybe like, 0.33 health states per hit?). Survivors have to kill the killer and perform a banishing ritual to get their key, only then can they escape.

Drop your own ideas, let's have fun with it.


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