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DBD Will Die If The Devs Don’t Favor Survivors

Dead By Daylight is a 4V1 game. You need to have a much greater survivor population than killer population. By that, the survivor population needs to find the game to be as relaxing (not to stressful) and casual as possible to some degree so the likelihood of the player to come back is increased. This way the devs can maintain this 4/1 ratio. Too keep a higher survivor population you must try to keep the interest of survivors in mind more or so than killers without completely ruining the killer gameplay or interest. The devs are constantly trying to make not just a balance in gameplay, but a balance in population. As we’ve seen with matchmaking in the past, an imbalance of population can lead to very long que times and typically much more stress on players. If the devs are able to keep survivors interested enough and maintain that number than they can keep matchmaking shorter. With the subtraction of ranking actually being a variable in matchmaking, it will help drop matchmaking restrictions and further more will likely give killers more balanced gameplay. This would help balance the gameplay of the killer because not every survivors will be a loop God to say. That will help killers keep pressure on maps that they may typically be lacking pressure in. For example, This makes sure that not every actual rank 1 worthy team is destroying a rank 1 leatherface on temple of purgation due to the natural imbalances. Also the devs are working on balancing each and every map as they can, as well as killers, to better fit the new model standard the devs are transitioning the game into. Have patients. I’m trying too have patients too during this transition, but I’m also not playing the game much at the moment.

whats your thoughts? (Please leave the heavily 1 sided opinions at home)




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