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What's some licensed content you DON'T want in DBD?



  • Dokta_CarterDokta_Carter Member Posts: 614

    M slightly confused since this is a dont want licenced thread so im guessing your plainly saying you "want" and not "what i want to not be licensed" what is phantasm btw?

  • HuffHuff Member Posts: 1,480

    Yeah I thought the question was simple enough, but there's tons of people here talking about what they would want.

    You see plenty from the FNaF crowd coming to try to discuss the lore and whatnot, and go off topic, rather than just answer the question asked. There's a reason why I answered "FNaF" to the post the way I did, and this is part of it.

  • Snow_LepSnow_Lep Member Posts: 260

    Issue with fnaf is the playerbase it would bring in.

    Issue with Chucky is the mechanical and technicas aspect

    Jason would be nice.. But too expensive and already claimed.. Plus he wouldn't really have that much of a uniqueness

    The Ring would be an interesting one. Just due to the technical ability and what the power might be.

    Definitely no Final Destination chapters.

    No Pennywise, we already have a clown.

    We need a Scary Movie chapter obviously. Think ghostface, but... Derpier.

  • RamiSamiiRamiSamii Member Posts: 156

    Some people have thought Tiffany being the killer and using Chucky in some way, or maybe the man who's soul is inside the Chucky doll (can't think of his name off the top of my head) and using the doll in his power in some fashion. If done like that in some way instead of the actual Chucky Doll, I think it'd be interesting.

  • QuolQuol Member Posts: 694
    edited February 2020

    I dont want anymore non human killers. I always liked the idea that its innocent humans struggling to keep their hope against corrupted humans indulging in their lust to kill.

  • BloodyNightsBloodyNights Member Posts: 526

    I like Chucky, and would love him in the game. The Entity could just pick up the survivors and throw them on the hook for him, and break pallets. He'd be a pretty cool stealth killer imo.

  • Dokta_CarterDokta_Carter Member Posts: 614

    Err sorry i sparked that i just was wondering how would it even work in the dbd realm.

  • Dr_LoomisDr_Loomis Member Posts: 3,635

    Naturally anything I haven't seen. But saying that, I had not seen any Saw films (although I was familiar with the franchise) or Stranger Things before they appeared in DBD. Now I have seen all of both franchises and really enjoyed them.

    Back on topic: I would not want to see the Joker, any representation of Hannibal or Norman Bates. They just don't feel right.

  • MringasaMringasa Member Posts: 854

    Norman Bates would be interesting. First time I ever considered him as part of the DbD crew. I also got a chuckle as I thought to myself, it would fit perfectly in the current political insanity of gender issues. He'd look normal as he charged his power, then put on his mother's dress + wig when his power bar filled and he activated it.

    Have to agree with the Joker and Hannibal though. Hannibal is way too calm, collected, and intellectual. DbD Killers should be more of the gruesome and slasher style. In my opinion at least.

    Phantasm is one of the great cult horror films to come out of the 70s and 80s. It's iconic Killer, the Tall Man, is one of my favorites. Still waiting for this to come to DbD because those films were superb slasher/gore type and would fit right in the game. The lore behind it all is pretty interesting as well.

    They did 4 movies iirc, then did something of a "finale" not too long ago with Phantasm Ravager, I think that's the name. I haven't seen that one, but was told to avoid it. A bit sad, because the first couple really were good horror.

  • EmpireWinnerEmpireWinner Member Posts: 1,054


  • UnicornUnicorn Member Posts: 2,185

    Alot of us aren't Saints but I'm pretty positive that a TON of us aren't predators either.

  • Hail_to_the_KingHail_to_the_King Member Posts: 155

    I am a lover of licensed content. I always prefer it over original. The only things that I would never want to see are FNaF and Leprechaun. I would love to see Chucky, Pinhead, Pennywise, Jason, the Grudge (original), Xenomorph, an original Freddy cosmetic, and even Killer Klowns from Outer Space. All of which could easily be added and people would buy them. Easy money and licenses bring tons of players to the game.

  • NEVELEVEN11NEVELEVEN11 Member Posts: 141

    It already happened....Stranger Things. Stranger Things sucks.

  • BenZ0BenZ0 Member Posts: 2,774

    I am personally not a fan of any new Licence chapter. I am happy with Freddy and Myers and dont need any other honestly. I am really in love with the Original chapters like Oni, Spirit or Legion oof. I love every single original chapter and hope they will keep going!

  • SkelemaniaSkelemania Member Posts: 227

    OK, I'll put it more bluntly: I don't want anything that isn't Phantasm.

    I was trying to be more positive since the forum is already full of negativity. But apparently that didn't work...

  • Yung_SlugYung_Slug Member Posts: 2,235

    I have no standards. Put Sans Undertale in the game. I want to be killed by the funny skeleton.

  • HeartboundHeartbound Member Posts: 2,685

    Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde.

    Like, imagine doing a generator with a fellow survivor and he just flips out and slams you on a hook.


  • Dokta_CarterDokta_Carter Member Posts: 614

    They won't do anything that may confuse the survivors like that

  • FogLurkerFogLurker Member Posts: 337

    Christine should be the next licensed killer. That is all.

  • fcc2014fcc2014 Member Posts: 4,388


    Childs Play

    The Ring (always thought that would be creepier against) Movement speed and such might not create that same feel.

    RE i love resident evil but don't want it in this game.

  • Mak0Mak0 Member Posts: 242



    The Grudge


    I see alot of people REALLY dont want to see a FNAF chapter. It's a mix bagged for me I partly don't want to see it because it would bring its Cancerous fanbase to the game and that's going to cause me to quit. However having a animatronic for a killer opens up little possibility

  • thefallenloserthefallenloser Member Posts: 1,158

    I... don't understand the FNAF hate lol. Half of the people are saying "would be nice and has lots of potential but bad fanbase" but then DBD players are twice as bad as anyone from the "toxic FNAF fanbase" and the other half are saying "way too out of place and wouldn't fit the feel of the game" and then proceed to play The Clown in his elephant costume.

    Can we just accept DBD is a compilation of horror icons and original characters instead of an actual horror game?

    If anything, FNAF chapter would be a net win for DBD, it'll bring in so many players, same with Stranger Things.


    OP might as well have been asking what characters do and don't you want. Should've been expected people would answer for both lol.


    I don't want Slender.

  • oh_0koh_0k Member Posts: 712

    The ring


    Jeepers creeper

  • MringasaMringasa Member Posts: 854

    iirc, they tried doing something with a flying Killer in the fashion of Jeepers Creepers. They couldn't do it though, so any flying Killer is out for the time being. I'm assuming they haven't figured out how to make it work though.

  • ThisGuuy83ThisGuuy83 Member Posts: 1,303

    They would ruin him. He'd get bullied worse then in his own game, and he'd be weak AF! I hope they never get the rights...

  • ThisGuuy83ThisGuuy83 Member Posts: 1,303

    This is the Tallman from phantasm. First one is great, then it starts to go downhill, but great movie.

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