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Third person camera for killer

HEEL_PunkHEEL_Punk Member Posts: 4

I have always had a hard time with any game with a 1st person camera and I want to learn killer. Rank 2 survivor and have been trying killer for a couple weeks now and it seems difficult. Just wanted to know if anyone else as this problem I’m sure it’s not just me. And please don’t come down on me and talk bad or troll. Please and thank you

Third person camera for killer 74 votes

Option for 3rd person camera
RieABannedCatDr_LoomisThisGuuy83emptyCupsHEEL_PunkFoxovrload 7 votes
Leave it as is
PuggyMohawkHail_to_the_KingAdelooJnnsMuFibijeanBlade92CheersTCSlaughterhouse3VolantConch1719SpacingLlamasdanielbird11TapeKnotarslaNDimekfeechimaAven_FallenTimtom24HoodiedJawsIsTheNextKillerpootis_Bear 64 votes
CrtKazzAvisDeeneaeonskul 3 votes


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