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ghostface reveal is not good enough

okay thats personnal opinion but i think he is the most annoying killer to deal with, he camps with his ability but most of all you have a mechanic to avoid him that works when it wants.

example : once in a match i was downed and i had a small glimpse of view when he was going to leave me slugged to camp a rescue, he turned a corner and got revealed when i was not seeing him anymore

example 2 : i see a ghostface looking at me i drop a pallet stand in one side and him in another the time it takes to break his shroud gives him 70% a stalk or in most of the cases a full reveal after exposing me, and bro he is just RIGHT THERE A DROPPED PALLET AWAY IN THE MIDDLE OF THE SCREEN.

example 3: im working on a gen in the gas station map and he is behind tires leaning and stalking i reveal him by accident when only his head was in my screen.

example 4: i see him at distance and stares at him but cant reveal him but he can stalk me. (?????)

when these things happen you will get downed with a feeling that the game stole your chase.

at least make my pointing action reveal him it will be faster than stare at him one meter away and being unable to break him faster, like the point of his abilliy is to get well hidden if he comes closer i should have the advantage and he should have a chase not a free down.

or when putting my characther looking at him instead of pointing idk just fix

ps: try to break him out stalking one pallet away with him crouching and leaning and standing up, it messes up a LOT your revealing just ridiculous.



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