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I get a lot of mixed messages

I see a lot of killers saying not to genrush or change gen times (reasonable.) But then killers that say genrush when camping.

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  • Thanatos_xThanatos_x Member Posts: 201

    There really is no way to please everyone. That's all I can say about that

  • QuolQuol Member Posts: 694
    edited February 2020

    No one really wants to extend gen times (as in make the current 80 sec into 90+) it does nothing to make the game interesting besides prolong the match by making survivors sit still for longer periods of time.

    Gen rushing is doing gens at the expense of everything else. Do not heal, save survivors, get chased, cleanse totems, search chests basically turn the game as much as possible into a skill check simulator. Now dont get me wrong this is a valid strategy but try to understand why killers find this lacking in fun.

    If you want to face camp a survivor then its only natural to punish the killer. As a killer main i understand how annoying it is to get face camped and i dont mind if you punish those types of killers by gen rushing them into oblivion.

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