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Is the hag trap animation bug getting fixed soon or do we have to wait till the mid chap patch?

Redhawk_uk2Redhawk_uk2 Member Posts: 50

Just saying I havent relaly seen anyone talk about the bug with the hags teleport animation but that can be game breaking when you have no indication if the hag has actually used her trap. You can't really react to it if you get no visual feedback from it all.


  • SkankleSkankle Member Posts: 31

    I'm not sure what you mean, are you sure they didn't have the Rusty Shackles add-on? That stops the Hag Phantasm from bursting out the ground when the trap is triggered.

  • ABannedCatABannedCat Member Posts: 2,482
    edited January 2020

    Many killers are really buggy. Nurse, Myers, Ghostface, Clown, Billy, and as you mentioned Hag all have gamebreaking bugs that get completely ignored by the devs. Only Wraith and Spirit had their bugs resolved ....

    So to get to your question, I don't think you will get a fix on the Hag bugs anytime soon. But hey, in the meantime, enjoy some of the new sick cosmetics!

  • Redhawk_uk2Redhawk_uk2 Member Posts: 50

    The hag doesnt play an animation when she teleports on her normal traps and with rusty shackles she just sort of appears with no indication there was even a trap to begin with. No more big pop and scream when she teleports

  • SkankleSkankle Member Posts: 31

    The only animation on teleporting to a normal trap is the little white line that moves down the phantasm and a kinda schlurp noise - there was a bug a few patches back that made her go BWEH when she teleported to a trap, like when it's first triggered, but that was just a bug.

    Rusty Shackles however is bugged yeah, it used to play the animation of a trap triggering of her popping out the ground when she teleported.

  • zirumioxzirumiox Member Posts: 20

    Yeah just had a game where 2 people tried to tell me thats not a bug whit Rusty Shackles :D. I believe it's just that the hag taking a trap animation was somehow disabled so it never shows.

    Kind of tells a lot about the games state when people don't even know whats a bug and what isn't.

  • KaelumKaelum Member Posts: 979

    FYI, there is not supposed to be any trap animation when using Rusty Shackles, which is intended. Only the Hag sees anything, and if she decides to TP, she will just appear. That is the entire purpose of Rusty Shackles, to not give the survivors any indication that a trap has been tripped.

  • SkankleSkankle Member Posts: 31

    It used to play the animation of the Hag bursting out of the ground when she teleported. It didn't delay input or anything, it was purely a visual effect, but the current sudden simple appearance looks really weird (and makes it less scary!)

    Here's how it used to be:


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