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Change No Mither Make It Better

mike4156mike4156 Member Posts: 222
edited February 2020 in Feedback and Suggestions

I would like to propose a change to the no mither perk so it is worth using, currently its not good because you're telling the killer at the start of the match you have it, and they know not to slug you because you can pick yourself up. My change to no mither would be this

1. You start the match at full health but when you are injured the perk activates and you can no longer be healed.

2. The broken status effect will only be seeable by you so your teammates and the killer don't know you're using no mither until they try to heal you or you tell them. Once you use no mither to fully recover from the dying state it will be viewable by all players including the killer that you are broken.

3. You would still get the passives of lower grunt % , no blood stain and fully recovering from dying.

The reason it would be better this way is so the killer doesn't know you're running no mither until after they've hurt you and you've recovered from slugging one time. It's balanced by not letting your stranger team mates not know you have it either until you've used it. This would make it worth using like a better unbreakable but without being able to fully heal.

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  • DreadnightDreadnight Member Posts: 77

    I think, No mither is a perk withouth a defined role.

    It`s a mix of Iron will, Unbreakable and lucky strike. This perks are much consistent than no mither in its functionality.

    I think No mither should be a counter of Vulnerable state and others one hits.

    Mi suggestions (rework) is:

    • Every time the killer hurt you, you gain Broken status until you put in dying state.
    • Every hit that will puts you in dying state from Healthy state, puts you in Injured state.

    With this changes, you can counter Bubbas, myers t3 and others killer/perks/addons with one hit.

    Have better sinergy with other perks and keep the danger with broken status.

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