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What if there was a "gen currency" too?

So for some reason some people are finally starting to see what's wrong with gen times thanks to Otz's new video, and it made me think.

One of the reasons gens are unbalanced as [BAD WORD] is because survivors have the ability to be working on multiple gens without any repercussions, there is absolutely no way for 90% of the killer roster to pressure all survivors if they're all strategically distributed in the map, which is not even a hard thing to do.

To prevent this, what if gens had a "currency" in a similar fashion to powerful tiles and pallets?

How I believe this could work is there are gens that need a minimum of "n" survivors to be able to repair it, while a few of them will not have a minimum but they'll have a maximum amount of survivors allowed on it too. This would 1 force survivors to engage more with the match as they would have to strategise and plan ahead which gens to work on first. Each time someone dies the requirements to repair a gen could go down by one, keeping it fair and giving them a chance to repair them still.

The only downside I see to this is it causes a massive disparity between solos and SWF, which is already the biggest problem with this game, and to fix this i have suggested multiple times that a "comms wheel" is implemented in the form of walkie talkies or magic entity telepathy, whatever works. The reason perks like Bond, Empathy and Kindred are absolutely useless is because they're 100% free for SWF, meaning they are usually running 7 + perks. If a comms wheel were implemented to give survivors a tool to communicate with their teammates, everyone would have the ability to strategise and no survivor would be at a disadvantage, without the need to ever have to even talk to your teammates.



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