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i'm no longer having fun in this game.

toxicmeggtoxicmegg Member Posts: 662
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title says it. i'm taking a long break playing survivor because the games currently are UNHEALTHY AF, either the game ends fast because unfair matchmaking, survivors genrush or the killer is extremely sweaty and tunnels the [BAD WORD] out of survivors with a mori. toxicity has increased A LOT on both sides, and i swear very rarely do i have fun anymore as playing survivor or even killer.

as killer i can still somehow enjoy playing the game but not very often. i have to play sweaty because survivors are sweaty too and i can't really relax. genrushing with the best toolboxes, tbagging at pallets, instant resques with BT and "EZ BABY KILLER" if they escape.

as survivor everything is currently just BS. dedicated servers with terrible hitboxes, dead hard not working, teammates farming with and without BT, only tryharding the challenges, sandbagging, killers being toxic and extra sweaty with all the red add ons and ebony moris, tunneling, camping, hatch camping, even mori spamming and nodding for no reason. and all the meta perks on.

i think i need a break from this game because games are supposed to be enjoyable to play and it seems impossible right now especially as solo survivor. i really believe this game can still be fun, i still have faith in the devs. they know what they're doing and soon they'll see the issues and fix them, maybe balance the game for both sides.

btw i'm just saying my opinion so spare the insults and attacks.


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