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You ruined this game



  • VetratheneVetrathene Member Posts: 814

    But its ok for a survivor to be DS reliant to fix their bad plays?

  • HerbalyteHerbalyte Member Posts: 38

    I play ps4 and it's not as nutty as on pc but there are death squads and gens do still go fast. Problem is mouse and keyboard allow killers to do mindgames better and allow for finer aiming with for example nurse, huntress, plague or even oni's flick while survivors dont really get affected by the use of a controller.

  • EvilJoshyEvilJoshy Member Posts: 1,949

    Were all paying customers but they got our money when we bought their game. So were no longer their concern. It's the people who haven't bought the game and all the dlc are their targets.

    It's like a used car salesmen. "There's no need to kiss ass once the deal is sealed"

  • a_good_playera_good_player Member Posts: 186

    I play a lot of killer and i can tell you that: if you can't play whitout ruin, the you are not a good killer player. I never used ruin, even before the nerf, because it is VERY POSSIBLE to win whitout it. Indeed, i win most of my killer match(rank 1 killer). Moreover, Billy is one of the strongest killers, so you REALLY don't need ruin on him. I can understand your point, because you played this game only 3 months, but it is simply not correct. Killers that need ruin are the weaker ones, like clown or legion. I'm just giving you this clue: keep playing the game, and as you become better and better you will see that you can still win most of your match whitout ruin.

  • DisappointedUserDisappointedUser Member Posts: 419

    No, no you don’t. You’re either Brown Ranks or a liar. Two gens getting done at the first hook or two is not the end of the world nor the end of the game. Even the best killers in the game are seeing 1-2 gens being done right at the start. You’re so full of crap.

  • TarveshTarvesh Member Posts: 760

    But you said good killers don't need slowdown perks like Ruin or Corrupt. So you must not be a good killer if you need that...

  • EvilJoshyEvilJoshy Member Posts: 1,949
    edited February 5

    Billy didn't need ruin but a lot of killers did. Or something similar. Many killers require time to down someone and we all know 3 gens can pop during that. Intervention only blocks some gens and once it wears off you really need to keep up the pressure. PoP is great but it doesn't slow down the early game because you need a hook. I agree ruin wasn't that great a perk but it at least thinned out the herd. Now the red ranks are flooded with survivors that don't belong there because there's nothing stopping them from completing gens and getting out.

    It's like kids in Little League playing in the NFL against professional athletes.

  • iOverSprayiOverSpray Member Posts: 35

    Again, I dont care about good killer bad killer or survivors skill level. I did NOT use ruin then or now in my 3 months and I've managed to play at red rank survivor and killer. It's not a skill or no skill issue I have. It's an issue of the fun for what seems like most of this community (including my own) has been shot down due to this nerf. Survivors are making videos of them selves letting killers get downs just to slow the game down and you dont see that as an issue? Every game is against a billy who slugs and camps to get maybe one kill and that's fun for who? I like this game, I want to continue playing. How ever, my question still hasn't been answered! Are you fixing it??

  • ShrekIsHotShrekIsHot Member Posts: 3,179

    Never used Ruin, I'm doing just fine without it now.

  • bomb1720bomb1720 Member Posts: 428

    in half of my games or more i don't get to hook someone until 3 and a half are done.

    even when survivors know for sure and say to them selves, ooh look how quick we got the gens done and not one single hook,, hehehe hahaha! quick leg it to exit...

    actually getting hooked and escaping or not can give everybody more points

  • ElenaElena Member Posts: 626

    Saying the game was ruined because of the ruin nerf is a bit ridiculous and an overstatement...

  • Mc_HartyMc_Harty Member Posts: 3,294

    Your right.

    This game got ruined because BHVR rather cater to new players over their current ones.

  • KrystressKrystress Member Posts: 52

    What if ruin gets cleansed at beginning of the match...? Or survivors finish all gens, regardless of ruin? If killer or survivor are using a perk 90% of the time, they're going to nerf it. Just like what they did to self-care, balanced landing and also medkit add ons.

  • EndstilleEndstille Member Posts: 2,147

    Maybe read?

    It was used in 80% of red rank matches, overall it was used in 45% of matches. But hey just make stuff up about 90% of people using it. 🤮

  • SquirrelKnightSquirrelKnight Member Posts: 710

    Maybe you should have mentioned that instead of using your disability as a weapon.

  • LetsPlayTogetherLetsPlayTogether Member Posts: 2,068

    Survivors arent DS reliant, because killers are that cheap in mind they force DS-usage on survivors to even play this game some more seconds.

  • Danielgdp3Danielgdp3 Member Posts: 235
  • Danielgdp3Danielgdp3 Member Posts: 235

    Yeah I'm not that good of a killer tbh, makes me wonder though how bad everyone else is that they cry that poor ruin ain't the same and now can't kill anyone

  • xiozenxiozen Member Posts: 38

    These are excellent points. While I understand the Devs rationale that at least 2 gens will get completed within the first 4 minutes of a match (or something to that effect); and also that they (meaning the Devs) never intended that 5 gens would still be up 4 minutes into a match--nerfing ruin (when you've acknowledged that 80% of red rank loadouts included the hex as part of their build) should have given you pause... i say this only because the immediate approach taken to nerf it into it's current iteration was a little off of the cuff... sorta like a knee jerk reaction.

    Now the fall out has begun--while survivor mains may see this as a god-send... it's the killer mains that have to suffer in a game that is so heavily survivor sided, regardless of the reason.

    Perhaps the safer more balanced approach, would have been to nerf tool boxes at the time that the new ruin as implemented (even in test server) to determine the impact, as all killers traversal abilities are not the same. The argument that one should utilize the technique of 3-gen or 4-gen strategy to force survivors within a tight cluster goes against the idea that the killers hould be able to play the game from a balanced perspective--Nurse, Billy... Freddy... Spirit... to name a few that have significant map pressure due to map traversal.

    Killers that suffer... The Clown and Plague... have to "walk" to have map pressure. Map pressure with the current ruin is necessary as to "make the survivors" get off the gens... however this false narrative approach isn't consistent in practice especially for a 4v1 game.

    This was poorly executed, however you do have time to fix it... but you better be quick.

  • BulletsNonstopBulletsNonstop Member Posts: 364

    I really don’t know why people that play killer complain like you do. There are problems on both sides I don’t understand why you sit here and defend one side. Killers are OP in the sense they have so much at their disposal - speed, traps, hook camping etc that sometimes don’t feel designed right and really have a huge impact on each of the 4 survivors experience. It’s really not fun being survivor a lot of the time as a solo player. It feels more like a chore a lot of the time consisting of a bunch of RB and LB interactions. It’s dumb. It’s so much more fun to play killer and you guys are in charge of whether or not the game gets dropped causing survivors to lose their offerings and in some cases, their item + add ons. Who the HELL cares if survivors actually find a way to survive using A particular way that seems effective or get gens done too fast. More often than not some of these killers are just too much and it’s not fun. Trappers need a nerf - too many traps and the second you inevitably walk into one it’s impossible to get yourself out of it. I can see traps injuring you and holding you back for a moment but why are the odds so low to get yourself out of it? So I’m just screwed? Stupid man... those things are everywhere. Bushes where they’re invisible, around tight corners. Doctor - pushing a button and everyone goes mad... really?! That’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever had and that’s not fun either. I’m glad you think you’re entitled to killing everyone every time but you’re being inconsiderate to the workload of the survivors and what they endure.

  • fleshboxfleshbox Member Posts: 494

    If trapper is killer no windows are safe until checked. No grass is safe until checked. That is the way you play against him.

    Trappers are for the most part DUMB and fast. Mindless zombies that roam with a huge terror radius. Forget the music. Forget all that. Stay on visible paths were you can see. Look down before going to a pallet. Avoid pinch points. Avoid running if you can. I know it sounds easy.

    I hate playing against the trapper. Unpredictable and the trap escape chances have been reduced significantly or they are all running the addons.

  • BulletsNonstopBulletsNonstop Member Posts: 364

    I stand by the fact that mostly, KILLERS NEED TO BE NERFED. It’s excessive some of the things they can do and have done to survivors. the map isn’t really always entirely in survivors favor. Trapper needs a nerf👈 His traps don’t need to be ALL over the map. Doctors ability doesn’t need to reveal EVERYONES freaking position at the push of a button AND screw with your skill checks AND force you to stop and get yourself out of it - when I was nowhere even near him (I didn’t even hear a heartbeat - the range oh my)

  • BulletsNonstopBulletsNonstop Member Posts: 364

    I get there’s a way to play against every character. But that’s not good enough man, ONE specific perk, or ONE specific playstyle is easily going to be expected by the killer and not survivor. It should at least tell you who you’re going against then in the lobby. It’s nonsense that killers just get to slay all 4 people for making minor mistakes or none at all. It really is too easy for them sometimes. And we leave with minuscule amount of points and they get to walk out with 20-30K? And they get to decide if the game gets dropped or not? That’s not unbalanced ?

  • OrangeJackOrangeJack Member Posts: 362

    Trapper is one of the weakest killers. He's an m1 killer and you just have certain loops denied. Dead hard and a whole load of perks counter him. Who do you consider to be a balanced killer exactly?

  • NullEXENullEXE Member Posts: 1,632

    A good killer relied on Ruin to make the game a fun experience.

    Proof is the current state of the game.

  • FeydFeyd Member Posts: 271

    Stop playing with your elite SWF death squad and you'll realize the game isn't like that at all for the average player

  • BulletsNonstopBulletsNonstop Member Posts: 364

    It’s just not fun man, it’s so depleting going in and killers are just being too efficient. Can’t even play as a lone survivor because the other 3 randoms just get wrecked a lot of the time. You should never get caught unless it’s really your fault as a survivor. Traps are invisible, Doctor has insane range. Killers are too fast and I stand by that until I see some change. They don’t need to slay everyone on the map or leave us laying on the ground to

    bleed out because they have their points and we risk not getting any if we back out or sit here and waste time watching ourselves bleed out. It’s just excessive on so many levels. People that play killer should just be fortunate to have 1 kill maybe 2. They don’t need to slay whole lobbies with ease like I’m watching happen. Regardless of what rank you think I am, I really do think they can be a bit much

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