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Which ranking system do you prefer currently?

HoodiedHoodied Member Posts: 10,744

Yes, the MMR system is not out yet, but this is just your opinion off what BHVR gave us so far

Which ranking system do you prefer currently? 20 votes

Current Rank bases matchmaking
RattmanTaigaBrucecastro81thefallenloser 4 votes
MMR system
FibijeanRullisitoxicmeggMattie_MayhemOGIcewhisperDebridgednimesulidePokWarcrafter4AzgarthusDepressedNurseMainPrometheus 12 votes
Blade92GlamourousLeviathan[Deleted User] 3 votes
You suck at making polls, Hoodied
Hoodied 1 vote


  • Mc_HartyMc_Harty Member Posts: 3,294

    A functional one.

  • thefallenloserthefallenloser Member Posts: 433
    Current Rank bases matchmaking

    I'm saying current color based, since I have a strong feeling that the MMR system will be even worse...

  • Brucecastro81Brucecastro81 Member Posts: 1,609
    Current Rank bases matchmaking

    I don't like, but is better than MMR

  • nimesulidenimesulide Member Posts: 39
    MMR system

    I think MMR is a good idea altogether, I see and agree with the points mentioned in the status update post.

    Also, I hope there will be more details about the scoring system, it would be interesting to look into it more in depth.

  • Warcrafter4Warcrafter4 Member Posts: 1,453
    MMR system

    MMR is better in THEORY but given that no one can agree what is a win Its a complete gamble to try it.

    However at this point with how bad the match making is there is almost nothing left to lose with trying it.

  • RullisiRullisi Member Posts: 222
    MMR system

    I'm really waiting forward to the MMR system or something that actually determines skill. Currently the game puts me into red ranks as survivor anyway while I am actually garbage with the chases but I manage to do a lot of other things well like looking after other survivors. Current system doesn't know if a player is good so I end up facing a lot of godlike rank 1 killers because of it and it usually isn't fun at all when I can't even run away from them for 5s before I go down.

    Also why did they ever think it's a good idea to have achievements for the ranking system in the first place? It's a rank so it means that clearly not everyone is meant to ever reach rank 1 as it should determine your rank as it suggests. Not everyone can be so good at the game, it's there only to make the games fair and exciting for both sides. Hopefully the new system ensures that more commonly.

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