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Can’t find a match as survivor on PS4

TheDJPuppet7TheDJPuppet7 Member Posts: 1

I can’t find a match as a survivor in DBD PS4. I just bought the game, and I get basically instant matches as the killer, and I haven’t even played a round yet as a survivor, I just ready up and wait. Is there any way to fix this?


  • adeMinosadeMinos Member Posts: 3

    Nope after ruin nerf killers are pretty hard to find . Problem is too many survivors not enough killers. Also I find it worse usually around 12am to 5-7am. During the day the wait is a little more tolerable

  • Hail_to_the_KingHail_to_the_King Member Posts: 153

    The average wait time during the day is roughly 3 and half minutes for me when playing survivor. While at night it can range anywhere between 5 to 25 minutes. It sucks.

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