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Divide of survivors on solo and SWF, or why developers have constant problems with balance.

AnimatorAnimator Member Posts: 365
edited February 2020 in General Discussions


To begin with, the developers at the moment do not divide the players in the team of survivors into categories:

a) those who play alone

b) those who play in the team.

This is exactly the whole problem with the balance of the game.

Because of their mistake (or unwillingness) to do this, developers simply rush from one extreme to another when it comes to balance.

Actually, what it is about. Using the Hex Ruin perk as an example. When the developers nerfed him, it became much easier for single survivors to play. It is a fact. What about SWF? They used to be very dangerous, and when playing against them, the killers had to "go out of their way" to try to kill one or two survivors. And now they have become even stronger, because now nothing stops them to start genrush.

But what if the developers decide to increase the generator start-up time, for example? Then lone survivors will simply become impossible to play. For SWF, the game will remain at the same level.

I don’t know where it was, but someone said the following: “When I face a choice between one evil and a second evil, I prefer to choose a lesser evil.”

Developers should think about it now. Either leave everything as it is, leaving a mess in the game, or give some small but tangible debuffs for the SWF teams, because they always have a huge, significant advantage over everyone else - communication.

For example, to limit the number of the same perks (as well as items, offerings, etc.) in a team or give them an in-game debuff for generator repair, healing, etc.(This will not affect single survivors.)

The choice is yours, developers.


  • Archimedes5000Archimedes5000 Member Posts: 1,589
    edited February 2020
    1. Give Solo surviviors an ability to see eachothers perks in lobby.
    2. Nerf SWFs ability to stack multiple copies of the same perk/offering (except for BP offerings)
    3. Nerf SWFs ability to bring items (eg.: max 1 Ultra/Very Rare item per lobby)

    I agree that the gap between solo and swf has to be closed.

    Also OP, change the title, because it sounds like you want separate queues.

  • LaakeriLaakeri Member Posts: 834

    Devs know the cap between solos and SWF, yet what happened to base kit kindred for example?

    Oh right.

  • AnimatorAnimator Member Posts: 365

    If the developers knew the boundaries between solo and SWF, they would not have done the kind of garbage that they are doing now.

  • DreadnightDreadnight Member Posts: 47

    Balance in this game is very complex.

    The game has no control about communication of SWFs survivors and you cant nerf this because you ruin the experience of play with friends.

    The short answer is: You need improve solo survivor to take same level as SWFs survivors. (Its difficult but with the last changes I think devs are on it).

    To balance this game, its necessary to deal with the problems in this order:

    1º: Repair speed (GEN rush)

    2º: Rework some maps

    3º: Improve solo survivor game experience.

    4º: Buffs and reworks Killers.

    Sadly, buff killer is the last in the list because Killer establishes how difficult is the match and if you do too strong killer rol, play survivor would become frustrating and they would start playing killer. Its very difficult find a match when people plays much killer, and for every killer in queue you need 4 survivors.

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